FS19 Cultivators and Harrows Mods

What would Farming Simulator 19 look like without Cultivators and Harrows mods? Not much. Download best Cultivators and Harrows mods for FS19 easily at ModsHost!

2019 Agrisem Culti-Plow 8

2019 Agrisem Culti-Plow 8 for Farming Simulator 19

Re-configured for plowing. Workshop Tested! Pre-Owned. One owner. Price: $12000 Max. working speed: 12 kph Required power: 420 hp Working width: 8.0 m Create New Fields Capable Precision edging for smaller areas. “Expand your horizons” by farmGate Ag Developments Price: $12000

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KN 170 P

KN 170 P for Farming Simulator 19

The KN 170-P cultivator is a machine for all types of tillage: stubble cultivators after harvest, seedbed preparation after plowing, shallow tillage in spring. Price: 1960 € Weight: 800 kg Working width: 2.55 m Transport width: 2.55 m Energy source: 25 PS

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Lizard EHD 10020 V1.1

Lizard EHD 10020 V1.1 for Farming Simulator 19

Developed for Extra Heavy Duty work, the EHD 10020 with 24 Discs of 42 Inches, and with a weight of 11 Tons, can be an equipment that demands from Pro Service Prepared Tractors. Price: 28000€ Category: Plows Working Width: 5.72m Required Power: 450hp Function: Plow, allows Field Creation Dimensions: 5.7m x 8.2m Weight: 11t Configurations:…

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Pack UDA V1.1

Pack UDA V1.1 for Farming Simulator 19

The Mod Includes: UDA 6.1-20: ✔ Cost: 25000 €; ✔ Working width: 6.1 m; ✔ Working speed: 17 km/h; ✔ Recommended tractor power: 235 kW / 320 hp; ✔ Leaves traces; ✔ Dirty and washable. UDA 4.5-20: ✔ Cost: 20000 €; ✔ Working width: 4.5 m; ✔ Working speed: 17 km/h; ✔ Recommended tractor power:…

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Lizard SR Series

Lizard SR Series for Farming Simulator 19

Lizard SR Series Subsoiler, created to be very resistant and efficient, inspired by the subsulator model used in southern Brazil. Pack Includes: 5 shank Price: € 9830 Max.working speed: 15km/h Power required: 89 HP Working width: 2.3m 9 shank Price: € 25498 Max.working speed: 15km/h Power required: 165 HP Working width: 4.1m

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