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Dolina for Farming Simulator 19

The Valley is a fictional map for small and medium-sized machines. (30KM-100KM). The map has 3 playable farms available for multi players, only one farm is playable for a single, or if you want, you can change it in the defaultitems.xml file, for this you need to find the links respectively Farm 1 or 2…


Fazenda Barra Bonita

Fazenda Barra Bonita for Farming Simulator 19

Dono Do Mapa: Lucas Aparecido Conversão: ??? E ai galera beleza? Este é o Mapa Fazenda Paraiso que desde o ano 2000 vem se destacando na produção de soja e milho,o mapa fica localizado na região de Vianópolis-Goiás.


Huron County Michigan V1.0 Multifruit 16X

Huron County Michigan V1.0 Multifruit 16X for Farming Simulator 19

This 16x (8km) map is loosely based on the farms near Bad Axe Michigan. The area has been altered slightly to make room for more sell points and better forestry. There are 18 additional fruits on this map but no cotton or sugarcane to make it more realistic. There are 13 sell points plus the…


Kiwi Farm Production V5.0

Kiwi Farm Production V5.0 for Farming Simulator 19

Hey guys here is my Kiwi Farm Production map the first map i made for FS19 and last map for FS19. Multi fruit and many productions and equipment in our own Categories.


Liberty Fields

Liberty Fields for Farming Simulator 19

Some time has passed since the announcement of my map “Liberty Fields”, and almost every day I – and also The FarmSim Guy, who made the preview video, link down below – receive messages from people wanting to know whether the map will be released for FS19. I am stunned by that and am soooo…


Meadow Grove Farming Agency Edition

Meadow Grove Farming Agency Edition for Farming Simulator 19

Meadow Grove Maize Plus Edition { massive thank you to Nathan6930 for allowing me to release this Re edit version }. ✔ All animals are built into the map like fs17 but you can add and place your own animal pastures anywhere else. ✔ No farms can be sold but there is a placeable area…


Koshmak Map V1.0.0.3

Koshmak Map V1.0.0.3 for Farming Simulator 19

The map was made in the real area of ​​the village of Koshmak and its outskirts, which is located in Ukraine, Cherkasy region, Korsun-Shevchenkovsky district. On The Map: 1) Standard crops 2) One large farm 3) One machine and tractor fleet 4) Animals: chickens, pigs, cows, sheep 5) 2 points of sale of grain and…


Stasiowa Map

Stasiowa Map for Farming Simulator 19

Welcome to the map of Stasiowa Wieś. The Map Includes: 36 fields. 4 meadows. A farm to start. Purchases on the map. Buy animals. Villages and other buildings. Painting the deck and bushes. Three new painted textures. Mod Seasons. The Map Does Not Include: Precision Farming. Maize Plus. Needed Mods For The Map To Work:…