FS19 Headers mods

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Lizard Durus 60FT

Lizard Durus 60FT for Farming Simulator 19

The Lizard Durus is the newest rig series, launched in 2021. The Lizard Durus offers the reliability and durability you expect from our models, features designed to give you optimal harvesting performance. Header: ✔ Price: 167967$ ✔ Working width: 18.2 meter ✔ Can be used with large combines (AGCO IDEAL, New Holland CR10.90, John Deere…


Claas Diamond 900

Claas Diamond 900 for Farming Simulator 19

Claas Diamond 900 v1.0 FS19 Diamond 900 Price: € 47,000 Working speed: 13 km / h Working width: 9 m New brand: CLAASHUN Color: Claas green, white Extended service life Delivery / working situation


Geringhoff Harvest Star HV660 V1.5

Geringhoff Harvest Star HV660 V1.5 for Farming Simulator 19

Harvest Star, the high-tech reapers from Geringhoff From one field to the next – that works in minutes. This grain cutter offers you the highly developed and proven folding technology from Geringhoff. Harvesting without long set-up times. This enormously increases the efficiency of the combine harvester. A time-consuming loading and unloading of the cutting unit…


Farmall 560 Corn Picker

Farmall 560 Corn Picker for Farming Simulator 19

This is the Farmall 560 Corn Picker that I originally made ear corn for in 19, I built it into a map I did that supported ear corn. Now you can use this wonderful piece of machinery on the DFMEP versions of Mercer County and Autumn Oaks, both released by Diniz Farms – Farming Simulator…


Ponzo 3 Rows

Ponzo 3 Rows for Farming Simulator 19

Hello, in order to harvest lavender in Provence you need a suitable cutter bar. For this, the 3-row cutter bar with Ponzo nozzles will be useful to you. This cutter bar is preferably to be coupled to the Claas jaguar 800 forage harvester equipped and provided for this purpose. The cutter is the Claas C450…