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Animated Object Extend

Animated Object Extend for Farming Simulator 19

Open AnimatedObject doors automatically if is set for the door in the XML. The following line needs to be added to every animation of a mod: autoOpen use=”true”


Stappenbach 2020 Autodrive

Stappenbach 2020 Autodrive for Farming Simulator 19

here you can find my AutoDrive Config for Stappenbach2020. This is easy to insert into your savegame and you have all the routes in the game. Please note that these routes are not designed for large machines and there may be problems. Generally the map is nothing for the giants 🙂 Features: All 188 fields…


Autodrive Courses Lower Saxony21

Autodrive Courses Lower Saxony21 for Farming Simulator 19

Here are my Autodrive courses for the Lower Saxony 21 Map. All sales stations and BGAs are in. Some fields are already in but many are still missing. Think it’s a good basic framework to start with. Try to update it little by little.


Seasons GEO: Ravensberg Factories

Seasons GEO: Ravensberg Factories for Farming Simulator 19

This GEO mod is necessary to play the Ravensberg map in the “Factories” version with Seasons on consoles. This GEO mod is only compatible with “Ravensberg Factories”, so DO NOT use it with other maps. The Following Factories Mods Are Supported: TMR / PigFood Production Placeable Factories Pack Seed Factory The weather,…


Lighting Seasons By Xkonrad

Lighting Seasons By Xkonrad for Farming Simulator 19

Seasons lighting by xKonrad Hey, I’m giving you my lighting: P For a better visual effect, you can use the command for fog or something, and you can adjust the brightness of the game: D Of course, in your game it may look a bit different than on my screenshots, everyone plays with different settings…


Seasons GEO: NML Production

Seasons GEO: NML Production for Farming Simulator 19

Seasons Geo for No Man’s Land by ALiEN JiM and support for the Old Production Pack by Farmer Mahnew. This is a fictional Geo. Latest version of Seasons is required. NOTE: 6 day season recommended. Required Mods: ✔ Seasons (By: Realismus Modding) ✔ No Man’s Land (By: ALiEN JiM) ✔ Old Production Pack (By: Farmer…