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Giants Editor V8.2.2

Giants Editor V8.2.2 for Farming Simulator 19

Scenegraph is processing arrow keys When saving a mod on the same drive as the game path, it uses now the correct ‘$’ syntax Fixed terrain paint preview when resizing brush with mouse wheel Fixed terrain preview painting when undoing/redoing terrain paint commands (with CTRL+Z, CTRL+Y) Fixed wrong selection after copy paste (after pasting in…

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Deere 350G LC

Deere 350G LC for Farming Simulator 19

This is a fully rebuilt Hitachi 350 to be a Deere 350G LC. Features: Opening door 2 trackpad designs Multiple cab and side guard designs Roadbuilder cab option Optional CWS coupler Coupler color design option

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Headland Management

Headland Management for Farming Simulator 19

Headland management for tractors, field sprayers, mowers and harvesters. With headland management, functions of vehicles can be combined and activated together at the touch of a button to simplify turning manoeuvres when working in the field. All functions can be activated and deactivated individually for each vehicle via a GUI to achieve ideal adaptation to…

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Productions Info HUD V1.0.0.2 Beta

Productions Info HUD V1.0.0.2 Beta for Farming Simulator 19

A hud for displaying the productions that need attention. Developed for the NF March, but is compatible with all Global Company productions. Also shows the sale possibilities, where you can sell goods from the productions or from the silos at best prices, if the sale price pointer of Tunis is activated and only if there…

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Adjustable Mirrors V1.0.1

Adjustable Mirrors V1.0.1 for Farming Simulator 19

This mod enables you to adjust the mirrors of you vehicles and actually make them useful when using the in-cab view. Everything is fully multiplayer compatible and mirrors will be synched between all clients and saved by the server. Default Bindings Are As Follows: ✔ “Adjust Mirrors on/off”: [rctrl + keypad_0] ✔ “Change mirror”: [rctrl…

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Toggle Animations

Toggle Animations for Farming Simulator 19

Script zum Ausführen von Animationen per Tastendruck Mit diesem script lassen sich in der xml definierte ‘s per Tastendruck abspielen. Beispiel-Mod: Einzelaushub Es müssen nicht alle TA_anim und anim Einträge genutzt werden. Braucht man z.B. nur 2 Animationen, löscht man die TA_anim3-10 bzw anim3-10 einfach raus. Alle Attribut-Namen sollten unverändert bleiben. Es brauchen nur die…

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French Easy Development Controls 2

French Easy Development Controls 2 for Farming Simulator 19

This is a mod with the English Easy Development Controls mods translation file translated to French. that should help understanding a bit. you just need to put the folder in the game mod folder: Documents My Games FarmingSimulator2019 mods and then don’t forget to check it in the mods once the game is launched. I…

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Implement Wear Info HUD

Implement Wear Info HUD for Farming Simulator 19

A small hud displaying the wear and condition of the currently controlled vehicle and its attached implements/tools. The goal of this mod is to make it easier to keep an eye on the wear and condition of your tools by not having to scroll through the owned vehicles list every time. The hud shows the…

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