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2013 Mercedes ML 350 Edit By Ramz

2013 Mercedes ML 350 Edit By Ramz for Farming Simulator 19

What’s New ✔ Original vehicle was proportionally too large, so I scaled it down to about 85% ✔ Original tires were visually too thick, so I brought down the width ✔ Slightly heavier window tint ✔ Starting price changed to $23,500 ✔ Character/Avatar wasn’t sitting right, so I made them invisible (I’m new to this…

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Mercedes Services Pack (Beta)

Mercedes Services Pack (Beta) for Farming Simulator 19

Mercedes Services Pack (Beta) ➲ Mercedes Actros Wrecker ➣ Body Color Configuration ➣ Fenders Color Configuration ➣ Rim Color Configuration ➣ Body Design Configuration (3 Designs) ➣ Font Configuration ➣ Wrecker Arm Could Hold Up To 10T ➣ Working Winch Included ➣ Emergency Light Bar (Working As In Real Life) ➣ Simple IC: ➣ OpenClose…

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Mercedes-Benz L1620 Brazil

Mercedes-Benz L1620 Brazil for Farming Simulator 19

The L1620 was one of the most successful trucks in Brazil, its robustness and easy maintenance made it one of the brand’s best sellers, its production started in 1996 and ended only in 2012, demonstrating its size success! Mercedes-Benz L1620 Price: 115.000€ Engine power: 177/231 HP Options: ✔ Wheel setup: 4×2 and 6×2 ✔ Lift…

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Mercedes Sprinter Service car

Mercedes Sprinter Service car for Farming Simulator 19

Here is an edit i have done of this Sprinter, Added Rim colors Added and adjust the Beaconbar Added strobes Added Norwegian plate sign New details around the car. *Servicelogo *Pictures of 3 type of tractors To acctivate side light (work rapair lights) press Shift + F This is a service car so you can…

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Mercedes Benz Vito

Mercedes Benz Vito for Farming Simulator 19

Mercedes Benz Vito ✔ Price: 45.980 $ ✔ Engine: 134/224 H.p / Fast / Slow ✔ Speed: 120 / 220 km/h ✔ Add 2 type rims ✔ Plate RO / FR / USA / MAI / NO Plate ✔ Add Universal Passenger ✔ Selectable Colors ✔ Trailer Hitch ✔ Simple IC

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