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Tatra Trotec By BOB51160

Tatra Trotec By BOB51160 for Farming Simulator 19

Hello everyone Today I present to you the TATRA TROTEC, with the choice of colors for the cabin and also for the rims, I also added several flashing lights 7 at the front and 1 at the rear, also the TROTEC logo, Angles Morts logo for more information see the photos attached thank you and…

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Tatra 815 Final

Tatra 815 Final for Farming Simulator 19

TATRA 815 truck which has 5 extensions as well as color and tire configurations. Types Of Extensions: 1 – Grain extension: 22000 l. 2 – Silage extension: 32000 l. Price 6000 € 3 – Second silage extension: 34000 l. Price 7000 € 4 – Extension slurry spreader: 11000 l. Price 16000€ 5 – Extension manure…

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Tatra 815 8X8 Smety

Tatra 815 8X8 Smety for Farming Simulator 19

T815 Agro 8×8 The pack contains a lift, a grain truck, silage and an RMA spreader Huge thanks to Antonin for help with lights, guide and other details. Before anyone writes that they are just extended hulls from the Tatra 148 agro – yes they are, so I had to do it because there were…

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Tatra 815-7 HOT System

Tatra 815-7 HOT System for Farming Simulator 19

These hulls can be used on the Tatra Download here IMPORTANT: play only with DISABLE VEHICLE CAMERA COLLISION. Power: 575 Maximum Speed: 78 Price: 10000 Dailyupkeep: 20 Brand: Tatra Category: Trucks

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