Ursus C360 Special Edition

Ursus C360 Special Edition for Farming Simulator 19

Price: 18000 € Power: 52 hp Category: small tractors New tractor model. New wheel model. New Specular. New normal map. Improved cab models + 3 new cabins. Separately attached turret T261. New Tur and accessories from Ursus. New wheel and weight configurations added. configurable front weight IC panel added (SIMPLE IC mod needed for this)….


RSD Spartak Water Trailer

RSD Spartak Water Trailer for Farming Simulator 19

Hello fellas here is my newest mod (remade from fs2009) name: RSD water trailer “spartak” Info: Bulgarian made RSD water trailer named “spartak” ✔ colorable body ✔ colorable wheels ✔ choice of wheels



BSS 5T D2 for Farming Simulator 19

Mod size: 37,0 MB ✔ 4 type of configuration ✔ IC redy ( big thanx for LFerenc) ✔ Auto load ( same for LFerenc) ✔ tension belts ✔ 2 type wheels ✔ The mod its have 2 problems, but log its clear. (autoload small bale its not correctly, modell in the game menu).


Logistik DLC

Logistik DLC for Farming Simulator 19

The LS19 Mod from HoT San is an early present for my birthday. This logistics modpack has it all. No wishes remain unfulfilled here. Anyone who wants to operate logistics in the LS19 and also the LS22 can hardly avoid this pack. Andreas’ work is terrific and it’s a great honor for me that he…


Manitou MRT 2150 Crane V2.0

Manitou MRT 2150 Crane V2.0 for Farming Simulator 19

Features Of The Mod: ✔ A unique chassis with excellent maneuverability due to the choice of 4 modes of movement at once: turn with all 4 wheels, turn only with the front two wheels, crab move (diagonally) to the left and right, respectively ✔ the mode selection is controlled by the left Ctrl + Y…