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Snow Plows And Spreaders

Snow Plows And Spreaders for Farming Simulator 19

This pack contains equipment for fertilizing and snow removal. Here Is The Final Build, It Includes: ✔ KrazTygah ✔ cut from the Kraz pack ✔ URAL_NEXT ✔ with a front attachment and is aggregated with the MVU8 .. fertilizer spreader. ✔ FrontLifter ✔ trailed frontal for attaching dumps and other agricultural implements ✔ Otval_CraZy ✔…

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Caffini Rider Vario Track X.30

Caffini Rider Vario Track X.30 for Farming Simulator 19

The Rider Vario-Track is a lightweight, high specification self-propelled sprayer with hydraulically adjustable track width between 150cm and 300cm. Price: 32000 € Power: 136HP Max speed: 40 km/h Working width: 22.8 Meter Work speed: 20 Km/h

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