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Pack UDA V1.1

Pack UDA V1.1 for Farming Simulator 19

The Mod Includes: UDA 6.1-20: ✔ Cost: 25000 €; ✔ Working width: 6.1 m; ✔ Working speed: 17 km/h; ✔ Recommended tractor power: 235 kW / 320 hp; ✔ Leaves traces; ✔ Dirty and washable. UDA 4.5-20: ✔ Cost: 20000 €; ✔ Working width: 4.5 m; ✔ Working speed: 17 km/h; ✔ Recommended tractor power:…


AJ Deere Truck Pack

AJ Deere Truck Pack for Farming Simulator 19

here is a pack of aj deere trucks comes with 8 mods in a pack must unzip using 7zip or winzip AJsKenworthPackV5 comes with cab options ARFrameMixerAJ whitch is a cement mixer for the ar frames on the trucks FS19_RolloffFiller whitch is a cone FS19_RollOffPack whitch comes with 2 roll offs and 2 bins KenworthT880AJV2…


Agco MT Serisi

Agco MT Serisi for Farming Simulator 19

~~Eklemeler~~ Marka Seçeneği (Fent, Challenger) 4 Adet Motor Seçeneği 13 Adet Tekerlek Marka Seçeneği Sayısız Tekerler Seçemekleri TÜRKİYE ve AZERBAYCAN Bayrak Seçeneği Cam Yazıları Seçeneği Çalışma Lambaları Seçeneği 3 Farklı Kabin Plaka Seçeneği 180 Anarenk TasarımRengi ve Jant Rengi Seçeneği Fiyat: 444.444 Motor Seçenekleri MT955E – 536hp – 2.264 Tork – 43KM MT965E – 591hp…


40 TON Bucket Pack

40 TON Bucket Pack for Farming Simulator 19

This is a pack of buckets compatible with my 40-50 ton excavators. Included is a 5 tooth digging bucket and a 3 tooth trenching bucket. Features: Toggleable collisions Buckets are able to be attached reversed for backfilling


Demolition Pack

Demolition Pack for Farming Simulator 19

This is the most complete and large-scale demolition themed modpack for FS19 to date. This is a WIP and ongoing project, so there most likely will be minor issues and new things to come in the future. NOTE: The mod file MUST be unzipped and all contents put into your mods folder in order to…


Kamaz Grain Carrier 65115-7 Alteration V3.3

Kamaz Grain Carrier 65115-7 Alteration V3.3 for Farming Simulator 19

KAMAZ-65115 Grain Carrier: ✔ Capacity: 9000/14000 liters. KAMAZ-65117 Grain Truck: ✔ Capacity: 25000/30000/40000 liters. Trailer For KAMAZ-65115: ✔ Capacity: 9000/14000 liters. Trailer For KAMAZ-65117: ✔ Capacity: 25000/30000/40000 liters. Trailer For KAMAZ-65117: ✔ Changed the choice of configurations (all separately); ✔ Added body for 40,000 liters. Changes In ✔ Spoiler is now painted without problems;…


Pack Yumz 6L

Pack Yumz 6L for Farming Simulator 19

Description From Previous Versions: The Mod Includes: ✔ YuMZ-6L; ✔ YuMZ-6L EO-2621; ✔ YuMZ-6L Grab; ✔ YuMZ-6KL; ✔ YuMZ-6KL Grab; ✔ Equipment. Configurations: ✔ Colors; ✔ Counterweight; ✔ Hood; ✔ Front fenders; ✔ Footboards; ✔ Mirrors; ✔ Air filter; ✔ Loader; ✔ Wheels.


Slovenian Toplar Pack

Slovenian Toplar Pack for Farming Simulator 19

The toplar is a wooden building open to the side for drying grain and grass, typical of the Slovenian countryside and architecture. There are 8 different heating systems in this package. Toplar 1: Price: 10000 € Daily maintenance: 1800 € Toplar 2: Price: 8000 € Daily maintenance: 1500 € Toplar 3: Price: 4000 € Daily…


BIN Packs

BIN Packs for Farming Simulator 19

Bin pack from All American Mapping and Modding which I have converted over to placeables, due to the file sizes, they are split up into packs based on their diameter. All bins will require an auger to load and unload. As well they come with the GtX script allowing only one fill type to be…