FS19 Front loaders mods

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20 TON Bucket Pack

20 TON Bucket Pack for Farming Simulator 19

his is the bucket pack for all of my 20 ton excavators I have released. Features: ✔ Color config for multiple different brands ✔ Ability to attach the bucket reversed for backfilling


40 TON Bucket Pack

40 TON Bucket Pack for Farming Simulator 19

This is a pack of buckets compatible with my 40-50 ton excavators. Included is a 5 tooth digging bucket and a 3 tooth trenching bucket. Features: Toggleable collisions Buckets are able to be attached reversed for backfilling


Kilpi 895 Bale Grab

Kilpi 895 Bale Grab for Farming Simulator 19

Kilpi 895 was a popular grapple for Finnish farmers in the late 1990s to cut silage bales so they could be distributed to cows. You can choose it without a blade like a normal grapple or with the blade to unload the bales on the ground. Price: 1250 € Press ctrl + i to unload…


AT Frontloader Pack

AT Frontloader Pack for Farming Simulator 19

The AT-DG 120, 150 can be configured as a Manure fork or Bale fork. The AT-DG 180, 210 are only available as Manure fork. New to the range are the AT crocodile bits in sizes 120, 150 and 180. AT Manure Forks Data: The 120 has a volume of 750l, weighs 120kg and costs 800…