Deutz Agrotron MK3 Series

Deutz Agrotron MK3 Series for Farming Simulator 19

Deutz agrotron mk3 series 6 cylinder 100 hp 50 km/h price 31000 euro Deutz agrotron mk3 series 4 cylinder 88 hp 50 km/h price 31000 euro Baby Shark Air Horn LED bar Curtain Poppy



Dolina for Farming Simulator 19

The Valley is a fictional map for small and medium-sized machines. (30KM-100KM). The map has 3 playable farms available for multi players, only one farm is playable for a single, or if you want, you can change it in the defaultitems.xml file, for this you need to find the links respectively Farm 1 or 2…


Duchesne 14T Version V1.1

Duchesne 14T Version V1.1 for Farming Simulator 19

✔ Price: 12.500€ to 24.750€ ✔ Capacity: 14,000 to 15,700 l ✔ Without dropside / With Grain dropside / With Silage dropside ✔ Used or New ✔ Used or New Tires Changelog ✔ Fixed bugs


2013 Mercedes ML 350 Edit By Ramz

2013 Mercedes ML 350 Edit By Ramz for Farming Simulator 19

What’s New ✔ Original vehicle was proportionally too large, so I scaled it down to about 85% ✔ Original tires were visually too thick, so I brought down the width ✔ Slightly heavier window tint ✔ Starting price changed to $23,500 ✔ Character/Avatar wasn’t sitting right, so I made them invisible (I’m new to this…


Pack UDA V1.1

Pack UDA V1.1 for Farming Simulator 19

The Mod Includes: UDA 6.1-20: ✔ Cost: 25000 €; ✔ Working width: 6.1 m; ✔ Working speed: 17 km/h; ✔ Recommended tractor power: 235 kW / 320 hp; ✔ Leaves traces; ✔ Dirty and washable. UDA 4.5-20: ✔ Cost: 20000 €; ✔ Working width: 4.5 m; ✔ Working speed: 17 km/h; ✔ Recommended tractor power:…


Animated Object Extend

Animated Object Extend for Farming Simulator 19

Open AnimatedObject doors automatically if is set for the door in the XML. The following line needs to be added to every animation of a mod: autoOpen use=”true”


AJ Deere Truck Pack

AJ Deere Truck Pack for Farming Simulator 19

here is a pack of aj deere trucks comes with 8 mods in a pack must unzip using 7zip or winzip AJsKenworthPackV5 comes with cab options ARFrameMixerAJ whitch is a cement mixer for the ar frames on the trucks FS19_RolloffFiller whitch is a cone FS19_RollOffPack whitch comes with 2 roll offs and 2 bins KenworthT880AJV2…


Agco MT Serisi

Agco MT Serisi for Farming Simulator 19

~~Eklemeler~~ Marka Seçeneği (Fent, Challenger) 4 Adet Motor Seçeneği 13 Adet Tekerlek Marka Seçeneği Sayısız Tekerler Seçemekleri TÜRKİYE ve AZERBAYCAN Bayrak Seçeneği Cam Yazıları Seçeneği Çalışma Lambaları Seçeneği 3 Farklı Kabin Plaka Seçeneği 180 Anarenk TasarımRengi ve Jant Rengi Seçeneği Fiyat: 444.444 Motor Seçenekleri MT955E – 536hp – 2.264 Tork – 43KM MT965E – 591hp…