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John And Arthur GET Tattoos for Red Dead Redemption 2
John And Arthur GET Tattoos for RDR2

In 1891, tattooing was transformed when Samuel O’Reily got a patent pending for an early design of a tattoo machine, which caused the practice of tattooing to blossom..and so in 1899 arthur morgan and john marston got tatted up!

v1.0 : MIXED A BUNCH of tattoos.. American traditional, modern, Japanese, with a Viking chest tattoo for Arthur

lore friendly part is the tat i made for his dead baby momma and son (Eliza & Isaac). Some of the other old looking tats were designed in the 50’s. His knuckles, fingers, hands, arms, front and back torso are all inked.

v2.0 : VIKING.. all Norse, Celtic, viking-esque tats for john and Arthur. (this one is the real Viking tattoo)

john and Arthur have a Viking rune tat on their stomach
for Arthur it says (Eliza, Isaac)
for john it says (Abigail, jack Marston)
idk what the other runes or symbols mean.

V4.0 – V4.1 Yakuza “ish” :

yakuza ish / traditional Japanese, Korean tattoos for both john and Arthur

upscaled Arthur & Johns torso to 4k. if you have any mods that change their torso this is probably gonna conflict with it.
note: if you install tattoos on john. you can see him tattooed in cutscenes and at camp while you’re still playing as Arthur.

Arthur Face Tattoos 1.0: text tats “Redemption” “cruel world, stand unshaken”(songs from rdr2), “Eliza”, bunch of filigree designs around, thorns, barbed wire, reapers on both side of his head. dragon head covered in roses. etc look at the gallery.

upscaled Arthurs face to 4k.
if you have any mods that change his face this is probably gonna conflict with it.

Arthur FirstPerson tattoo for tats 1.0: First person tattoos for Arthurs 1.0 torso tattoos.

JOHN FirstPerson viking tats: First person tattoos for johns Viking tattoos.

I didn’t like looking at the same identical tattoo for both hands in first person. I took some artistic liberty from the OG tats and made a few changes.
the back of BOTH hands and palms have new tats.
( in torso texture files you’re forced to only design one arm the game repeats whatever you tattoo to that one arm onto the other. )

FirstPerson Yakuza tats for JOHN and ARTHUR: First person tattoos for john and Arthurs Yakuza tattoos.
these are 100% matching to the yakuza torso tattoos ( if you’re looking for continuity this one is for you.)

texture files are upscaled to 4K

Arthurs tattoos show up in chapter 5: Guarma

i put them in the OPTIONAL FILES download section.
READ THEIR DESCRIPTION it’ll let you know which one to download.

Install Lenny’s mod loader
and then
drop .ytd files from this mod into lml/stream folder.

Author: DrownJrDrown

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