Head Bleed – A Gore Mod Effect for RDR2

Head Bleed – A Gore Mod for Red Dead Redemption 2
Head Bleed – A Gore Mod for RDR2

A RDR2 Gore Mod which adds Bleeding Effects on Headshots.

Hey guys, so this is the first mod i ever made and since i like it so much, i want to share it with the Community.

We all love the gunplay and violence in RDR2 and there are plenty of mods out there that improve the gaming experience even further but there was always one thing missing for me that no other mod added yet: Bleedout effects on headshots.

And this is exactly what this mod does. When you shoot a ped in it’s head it’s going to release a blood fountain like in a Tarrantino movie!

To achieve this behavior, i had to artificialy keep the ped alive by moving the headshot damage from fatal to critical category which let me then make use of a special damage modifier that triggers the head bleeding effect.

The Ped Damage Overhaul Mod allowed me to tweak the health and damage settings to keep peds on the ground with minimum movement. So in fact they stay alive until they bleeded out. Every fatal shot would instantly stop any bleedout effects.

Weapons have been tweaked to just cause enough damage to trigger the effect and get peds into the dying state.

Additionally i managed to also enable bleedouts in all indoor areas thanks to a bypass fuhq2mofo figured out for his Just F*cking Bleed Already Mod.

This mod comes with a fine tuned PedDamageOverhaul.ini that i highly recommend to use to avoid unwanted behavior like peds walking around after being shot in the head.

I Am Providing 2 Versions Of Head Bleed:

  • One that already includes selected euphoria reactions (which i think gives the best experience).
  • and one where you can use euphoria mods of your choice.

Since this mod also makes use of resources from other mods, i would like to give credits to the creators and say thanks to:

  • HughJanus for the Ped Damage Overhaul Mod (PDO)
  • fuhq2mofo for the Just F*cking Bleed Already Mod
  • Professor AND Morrigan for the Realistic Combat Overhaul Mod (peds don’t get up version)
  • SyntheticOutlaw aka AngryWolf for the W.E.R.O Euphoria Mod

I hope you guys will have as much fun as i do with this mod! Happy Headshots!

1. Lenny’s Mod Loader
2. Ped Damage Overhaul

1. Put the desired HeadBleed directory in the lml folder of your game directory so it looks like this:

  • lml

— Head_Bleed_w_Euphoria
—— default_damage_modifiers.meta
—— install.xml
—— peddamageinfo.meta
—— physicstasks.ymt
—— taskdata.meta

2. Replace your PedDamageOverhaul.ini with the desired version from this package (highly recommended). Make sure to keep a backup of your original file. Note that using your own PDO.ini might prevent the bleeding effect to show up when the weapon damage is set too high. If you want to do so, make sure to use the damage settings from the included PDO.ini’s as a reference and tweak it to your preference. *mic drop*

3. Make sure no other mods use files this mod uses – especially default_damage_modifiers.meta and peddamageinfo.meta – since they might be overwritten and the bleeding effects won’t work. I recommend to put Head Bleed at the end of the load list in LML. Also check the optional files section for compatibility patches for other mods.

Very rarely does it happen that peds get up and walk a few steps before they die. I think it is a bug in PDO that occurs whenever you don’t use the default NPCHealthMin and NPCHealthMax value of 75. I have set this to 99 and with the debug feature turned on that PDO comes with, i figured that when it happens the health value PDO shows when aiming at the ped is 75 before it sudenly jumps to 99. However, when this happens the first shot does not cause any damage and i was not able to fix it completely but managed to reduce that behavior by tweaking some values.

Author: iXzellent

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