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The Undead Cowboy

The Undead Cowboy for Red Dead Redemption 2

The Undead Cowboy from Undead Nightmare recreated to near perfection using the original textures, animations, and a couple of outfits. John Marston raises from the dead this Halloween to be the true Legend of the Undead missing eye and all. Enjoy being the Undead Cowboy once more with new animations, textures, and some of his…

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Marston’s Revenge

Marston’s Revenge for Red Dead Redemption 2

This Mod aims to make RDR2 Beta John look more close to his RDR1 Self Did you ever say to yourself: Beta RDR2 John still looks weird. ? well this Mod is the solution to that question! Red Dead Redemption II: Marston’s Revenge. Tries to improve on Beta John by making him look closer to…

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Arthur Morgan’s HAT Remastered

Arthur Morgan’s HAT Remastered for Red Dead Redemption 2

Changes Arthur’s Hat Textures From 1080p To 4k, Making His Hat Look Much Better Note: Arthur’s hat accessories from the trapper aren’t changed. this mod only changes his default hat. At the moment these textures will only work for vulkan users. this issue is being looked into and dx12 support should come soon. Installation: drag…

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Legend Of The West Catalog Addon

Legend Of The West Catalog Addon for Red Dead Redemption 2

This mod is an attempt at recreating the famed outfit from the original Red Dead Redemption, that you unlock by completing every challenge in the game. I’ve changed the coat, vest, pants and boots to match the original style and outfit of the original game, with a little help from Eki aka Redemptify. This mod…

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NO Hair Growth

NO Hair Growth for Red Dead Redemption 2

If you like to keep Arthur or John’s beard shaved or hair short and hate how you have to visit a barber every five minutes for a trim, this mod might be for you. No Facial Hair Growth Basically this turns all natural facial hair levels to level 0 so no matter how much time…

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Undead John Marston

Undead John Marston for Red Dead Redemption 2

You NEED Lenny’s mod loader. Please use other methods only when necessary as I will NOT help you if you are not using lml. The installation is quite simple. I recommend installing all files but you may choose only the ones you like. When you open the .zip file you will be met with several…

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