Download Shopkeepers Stay Dead (AND GET Replaced) RDR2 Mod

Shopkeepers Stay Dead (AND GET Replaced) for Red Dead Redemption 2
Shopkeepers Stay Dead (AND GET Replaced) for RDR2

Makes it so when shopkeepers, sheriffs, and essential npc’s die they get completely replaced with different people, rather than re-spawning with a few bandages.

So, you’re doing a low honor playthrough. You’re robbing a few stores, vibing, and blowing shopkeeper heads into mush with your sawn off. But UWU what’s this Rockstar??? Bandages can magically regenerate people’s cranial cavities???? Not on my watch!!!

How It Works:
I’ve gone through and meticulously replaced over 100 of the injured models (for more than 40 npc’s) for every town’s shopkeepers, butchers, sheriffs, etc with cut NPC’s and ambient NPC’s. Each model is unique, so that no shopkeeper replacement should ever be the same.

Cut NPC’s Used:

  • Senor Andreas Colon
  • Cut version of German mother
  • Cut Saint Denis “Exotic” Shopkeeper
  • Cut Saint Denis Trapper
  • Featherston Chambers
  • Nial Whelan
  • Dr. Higgins
  • male_skeleton.ymt
  • Various Saint Denis Obese Men
  • Shack Twin

I have not tested far enough so see if the bandaged models do not eventually revert back to the original. Fingers crossed.

Voices still remain the same. Not much I can do about this.

You’ll need lennys mod loader. Drop my stream folder in your “lml” folder.

Author: dutchsvengefulghost

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