RDR2 User Interface Mods

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Improved Hitmarkers

Improved Hitmarkers for Red Dead Redemption 2

A less intrusive hit marker. Base of the mod, so there’s a possibility that it can be improved and more configurable. Didn’t really see anything on hit markers apart from removing them so i decided to upload this. Installation: Go into your Game Directory, and place the lml folder there. that’s it!


Legal Screen Skip

Legal Screen Skip for Red Dead Redemption 2

skips legal screens before main menu Drop the files from the archive in the main game directory. There’s a possibility this breaks when the game updates, so if that happens, you can uninstall by removing: x64/boot_launcher_flow.ymt and x64/data/startup.meta


DOG Companion – Deutsche Uebersetzung

DOG Companion – Deutsche Uebersetzung for Red Dead Redemption 2

Installation: Replace this file in the mod folder with the one downloaded here (just overwrite it): …Red Dead Redemption 2DogCompanionLang.dat (If you don’t like the translation, you can simply edit the file yourself. Simply replace all German words with new ones after the English command.)


UI Style (Beta)

UI Style (Beta) for Red Dead Redemption 2

This is my interpretation of the HUD & UI. If you’re going for a minimal immersive look this is the mod for you. It’s still in beta and requires some work. I do not have access to all the files needed but will update as more become available. +Features: Cleaner UI and color changes (Map…


RDR2 Beta Logo

RDR2 Beta Logo for Red Dead Redemption 2

Somewhere in development of Red Dead Redemption 2 the number 2 in the logo was changed to roman numerals. This mod just changes it back to a normal 2. This mod requires Lenny’s Mod Loader. Drop the lml folder in your main directory.


Map Redesign (Plus Dark Version)

Map Redesign (Plus Dark Version) for Red Dead Redemption 2

This is a quick mod that I felt I could upload. Features: Map zoom has been redone so no more blurry textures (to a degree) when you zoom out & discoverables don’t vanish Contour lines have been removed (provides a smoother look plus the map loads faster) Color change for map and discoverables Plant and…


Realistic Navigation

Realistic Navigation for Red Dead Redemption 2

Navigate the world in a more realistic way. The game will give you no info on yours or others people position. Main map camera is zoomed out and will be always in the middle of the map when you open it. Minimap is replaced by compass (for more hardcore experience download Disable Compass version). Removed…