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DLSs Replacer

DLSs Replacer for Red Dead Redemption 2

Rockstar Launcher replaces DLSS file with its own version every time you start Red Dead Redemption 2. This app bypasses this problem, so you can use your preferred DLSS version easily. It keeps monitoring the RDR2 process and replaces DLSS file automatically when the game is started and restores DLSS file to the original when…

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Scripthookrdr2 V2

Scripthookrdr2 V2 for Red Dead Redemption 2

A working ScriptHook for the latest game patch. Build 1436.31 No reload support for scripts right now, will add tomorrow. Everything else works the same just use this scripthook instead of AB’s. Developers: If you want to draw lines include this native in your natives.h file: NATIVE_DECL void DRAW_LINE(float fromX, float fromY, float fromZ, float…

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RED Dead Redemption 2 Mod Manager

RED Dead Redemption 2 Mod Manager for Red Dead Redemption 2

Manages your mods for easy enabling and disabling This is a direct port of the GTAV Mod Manager. I did this to cut down development time by weeks. Over the next few weeks I will be cleaning up the code and adding/removing features. If you notice any bugs please let me know and I’ll address…

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Texture Toolkit (V1.1.0 And Above)

Texture Toolkit (V1.1.0 And Above) for Red Dead Redemption 2

How It Works: UPDATE: The tool is now back! I had to remove the converter software from the toolkit as it turned out that I was not allowed to redistribute the software without permission. In 1.1.0 you will need RedM before you can use this toolkit. More specific directions are shown in the program. This…

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Texture Toolkit

Texture Toolkit for Red Dead Redemption 2

A tool forked off of Neodymium’s GTA5 Texture Toolkit, that allows you to create RDR2 texture files without requiring to buy GTA5. NOTE: The portable version has been flagged of having a virus. This is a false positive and I will sort this out with Nexus mods. Please download the package version in the meantime….

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Switch for Red Dead Redemption 2

Switch between Online and Story mode. Lightweight management. Moves mods back and forth. “Online.bat” will create a temporary folder and move all non-original files from the root into the temporary folder and start Rockstar Games Launcher. “Offline.bat” will move all files from the temporary folder back into the root, delete the temporary folder, and (run…

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YMT Unhasher

YMT Unhasher for Red Dead Redemption 2

This tool converts YMT data from hashes to human-readable entries. Not ALL entries are known yet, but quite a large amount. Thank you to users rollschuh2282 and Bob Ross for providing archive items and data lines.

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SDK Dlss Swapper

SDK Dlss Swapper for Red Dead Redemption 2

If you want to use SDK DLSS file to remove oversharpening and shimmering image, this is a batch file that swaps/rename DLSS SDK and vanilla DLSS before and after launching Rockstar Launcher, so you don’t have to do it manually every time you want to play the game. Includes an optional Xpadder profile for further…

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Map Editor V0.1.6.1

Map Editor V0.1.6.1 for Red Dead Redemption 2

Don’t know how to use the map editor? Controls: Open Editor – F5 by default can be changed in settings.xml Camera boost – Left shift Use arrow keys to traverse menus, enter to select. When using left or right to modify a value you can hold down shift + direction to quickly change it. Search…

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RED Dead Redemption 2 Save Editor V0.1.9.0 Updated

RED Dead Redemption 2 Save Editor V0.1.9.0 Updated for Red Dead Redemption 2

This is an updated upload of the Red Dead Redemption 2 Save Editor ( to help everyone having problems with the only version ( This is merely a rehost. INFORMATION Developer: XB36Hazard First Release: Nov. 19, 2018 Last Update: Dec. 24, 2020 Current Version: NOTE: THIS IS A BETA EDITOR! What is Red Dead…

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