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Talisman Replacer

Talisman Replacer for Red Dead Redemption 2

Simply replaces all talismans with NPCs stuff and some clothes everything should work in cutscenes Before Installing make backup of your save… if you using mod that use (shop_items.ymt) file it may not working Install: place into Rampage/streaming folder or… find shop_items.ymt in Lml folder and replace it Things Replaced: All talismans (shoulder saddle bags,…

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Cowgirls for Red Dead Redemption 2

Adds cowgirls and female rough travelers in towns and wilderness Requirements: LML This mod adds armed cowgirls in the wilderness and in towns. You will see women driving wagons and traveling on horses in the wilderness They work just like a normal NPC, with full voice lines and the ability to interact with other NPCs…

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Online Content Unlocker

Online Content Unlocker for Red Dead Redemption 2

A native mod solution that unlocks Red Dead Online content without it breaking the story mode experience. A mod that edits files to make it possible to use online content in story mode. (version.dll alternative) Why Use My Mod Over Version.dll? My mod doesn’t break encounters, missions, and other important features unlike version.dll How do…

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Realistic Loot Rebalance

Realistic Loot Rebalance for Red Dead Redemption 2

Loot became more logical and balanced. More money from loot and robbery. No auto pickup for ammo, but more ammo from corpses. Balance changes. Requirements: Lenny’s Mod Loader (LML) AMMO Ammo doesnt pickup from guns automatically. Instead you take more ammo from looting corpses. More ammo from corpses and ammo boxes (+50-100%). Chance of additional…

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Nitro for Red Dead Redemption 2

tweaks explosions damages/visual effects Requirements: LML 1. Tweaked some of the explosions to be more realistic: dynamite sticks have a lower aoe but do more damage / volatile dynamite are increase by 25% molotovs have a smaller aoe / volatile molotovs have a 2x of that exploding bullets do 20% of the dynamite stick stats…

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Realistic Clean Kills For Hunting

Realistic Clean Kills For Hunting for Red Dead Redemption 2

More options for clean kills. Varmint rifle as alternative to small game arrows. More realistic clean kills. Requirements Lenny’s Mod Loader (LML) Did you ever realize how stupid it is to hunt sparrows with a bow? In 19th century people already shot small birds by airgunsflobert guns. But in the game there is no such…

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Improved Wildlife Alpha V0.3

Improved Wildlife Alpha V0.3 for Red Dead Redemption 2

A new wildlife project to enhance your wilderness experience! Welcome to Improved Wildlife. This mod will be majorly updated in the future, however, the changes I have made so far are: [0.1 FEATURES] Increased spawn factor to all wildlife. (aquatic, flying, and ground animals.) Range increased to which how far birds spawn. (this is to…

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