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GTA 5 Weapon Carrying System

GTA 5 Weapon Carrying System for Red Dead Redemption 2

Recreates the Gta 5 weapon carrying system for Red Dead Redemption 2. Main Features: You carry all your weapons at once No Weapon Straps When you dissequip a weapon, your weapon dissapears. (Exceptions are revolvers and knifes, because cowboy i m m e r s i o n) Thanks to Dooge for allowing me to…



Huntsman for Red Dead Redemption 2

Skilled hunter can gather more animal fat, bird feathers, predator teeth, fish meat. The amount depends on an animal condition + your hunting skills and ofc a weapon choice. Examples: Big birds Vanilla: Poor quality bird + bad shot = 1 condor feather + 1 flight feather = 2 total Perfect quality bird + clean…


Remove Clouds Color Palette

Remove Clouds Color Palette for Red Dead Redemption 2

I never really liked the color pallete of w_clouds.xml (cloudy weather), on resolutions lower than 4k it just doesnt look that good in comparison to the other weathers. This mods sets the probability of w_clouds.xml to 0 and increases the probability of other weathers (mostly overcast). CLOUDS ARE STILL THERE, they still form naturally but…


Forced Ragdoll In AIR And More (Controller Supported)

Forced Ragdoll In AIR And More (Controller Supported) for Red Dead Redemption 2

During a jump, while in the air, or vaulting a fence, pressing b toggles forced rag-doll. While riding a horse, pressing A+B toggles rag-doll. This mod currently only supports controller toggled forced rag-doll. Requires .NET Script Hook Place the file in the scripts folder. Please let me know if you have questions.



Herbalist for Red Dead Redemption 2

Gathering herbs, plants, berries and mushrooms gives almost as much as you see. + buff from ram horn trinket Examples: Bay Bolete vanilla = 1 mod = 3 mod + trinket = 6 Ginseng vanilla = 1 mod = 2 mod + trinket = 4 Any Berries vanilla = 1 mod = 4 mod +…


NO RAM Trinket

NO RAM Trinket for Red Dead Redemption 2

No ram Trinket needed. All plants from the start NO RAM HORN TRINKET needed. All plants x4 All berry’s x 6 All Quest plants(Orchids) x3 INSTALL IN LML FOLDER


Health Stamina

Health Stamina for Red Dead Redemption 2

Health is based on weight. Stamina and Dead-eye changes. Dear Outlaws This mod can be compatible with scripts that change health mechanics but it’s up to you to tailor it. Pros and cons are below. Pros: Player/player’s horse health no longer regenerates but some higher difficulty enemies can. Player core is 50 and each ring…


Automatic Greet Replies V1.1

Automatic Greet Replies V1.1 for Red Dead Redemption 2

This is a very small simple mod, that implements automatic greet replies to NPCs When an NPC says hello to you, you will now respond back automatically This Mod Activates Fully Automatically Simply enables automatic replies to NPCs when playing honorably Features: Automatically Greets NPCs contextually Greets can occur when normally manually they’d be inaccessible…


Stash That Lantern 2.8

Stash That Lantern 2.8 for Red Dead Redemption 2

RDR 2 has many amazing details and features it lets you interact with. One such feature is using a lantern. There is just one major issue with it, it forces you to give up one of your precious hands despite the fact that Arthur attaches it to his satchel often. With Stash That Lantern you…


Longer Days

Longer Days for Red Dead Redemption 2

Allows you to modify how long an in-game day lasts for! A simple mod that allows you to modify how long an in-game day lasts for. Tested with RGL version. Requires: AB’s ScriptHook How To Install: Download and extract Scripthook into RDR2 directory. Download Longer days and extract it into RDR2 directory. Launch the game….