Maverick Weapons And Catalog for RDR2

Maverick Weapons And Catalog for Red Dead Redemption 2
Maverick Weapons And Catalog for RDR2

This mod changes a whole lot but not much both at the same time. Check out the list of changes; I’ll try to list everything.

Really this mod is more for me than anything else, I’ve spent many hours working on this and I figured I might as well put it out in case anyone might enjoy it as well.

Equalized Special Ammo (Updated in v3.2)
All special ammo will now have the same stats, meaning they’ll have the damage of the Express rounds, the accuracy of the Split Point rounds, and the range of the High Velocity rounds.
Regular & Explosive ammo remain unchanged.

Buffed Weapon Damage (Update v3.2)
Buffed damage of most firearms in the game taking into account number of shots needed to kill npcs.
Cattleman & Double-Action Revolvers have the damage of the Schofield Revolver. (able to 2-shot regular enemies)
The Volcanic Pistol & All Repeaters have the damage of the Bolt-Action Rifle. (able to 1-shot regular enemies)
All Rifles, Sniper Rifles, and Shotgun Slugs have enough damage to 1-shot any enemy (including heavy enemies)
Pistol damage remains mostly unchanged (able to 3-shot regular enemies)
Regular & Explosive ammo remain unchanged.

Shotgun Rework (Updated in v4.5)
Update 4.5: Changes to Incendiary Buckshot are no longer the default, they are included in Options folder for those who want it.
First of all: In order avoid buffing npcs I have left regular buckshot untouched and instead turned Incendiary Buckshot into Regular Buckshot and modded that. (this doesn’t reflect in the UI)
Incendiary Buckshot now benefit from No Reticle Bloom feature of this mod but they retain their initial pellet spread, this really improves their reliability over distance while not turning into straight up slug shots.
Incendiary Buckshot now also benefit from No Damage Falloff feature.
Buffed damage and pellet spread of Semi-Auto, Repeating, and Pump Action Shotguns to have damage of the Double Barrel shotgun. (this is a small buff)
The Sawed-Off Shotgun & LeMat buckshot still have a wider pellet spread than regular shotguns so these two will be far less reliable over distance but still much better than before.
Rare Shotgun will use Nitro Express rounds instead of Slug rounds.

Snipers: No Scope / No Forced Scope (Update v3.4)
Now while using Sniper Rifles (Carcano & Rolling Block) you won’t be forced into using the scope, you can switch between sights & scope like you do with Repeaters & Rifles.
If you want to completely remove the scope from them I made an optional add-on for that.

No Bullet Spread (Updated in v3.0)
No Spread / Reticle Bloom for all Firearms while using Special ammo.
NPCs will not benefit from this as this only applies to Special ammo and not Regular ammo.

No Weapon Sway (Updated in v3.1)
No Weapon Sway for all Weapons.

No Damage Falloff (Updated in v3.2)
Removes damage falloff from all special ammo types. (High Velocity, Split Point, Express and Slugs)
Note that this doesn’t change weapon ranges, each weapon has a maximum range after which your bullets do no damage, but now within this distance damage will not decrease.

Faster Reload (Weapon Familiarity) (Updated in v3.0)
Weapon familiarity will now increase reload speed by 30% (instead of just 10%).
Bow Familiarity will completely remove stamina cost.

Double Action Revolvers Faster Reload (Update in v4.0)
Double Action Revolvers will now reload 2 rounds at a time.

No Weapon Degradation
Weapons that are already degraded will still need to be cleaned once but won’t degrade after that.

Infinite Special Ammo (Optional)
Infinite ammo for all special ammo types. Varmint Rifle .22 ammo is also infinite.

Infinite Deadeye (Optional)
Infinite Deadeye for all special ammo types.

Infinite Throwables (Updated in v3.5)
Infinite ammo for all special throwable weapons (Improved Throwing Knives, Improved, Tomahawks, Volatile Dynamite… etc).
This doesn’t affect Melee weapons which you can throw (like Hatches).

Cleaner John’s, Granger’s & Micah’s Revolvers (Updated in v3.5)
Replace the worn-out dingy steel with clean steel (same blackened steel you can apply to your regular revolvers). Also Gives John’s Revolver a slightly cleaner grip.

Maverick Catalog (Updated in v4.5)
This is a companion mod that isn’t needed for the mod to run. It also conflicts heavily with WhyEm’s DLC, Red Dead Offline and other mods that edit Catalog_sp.ymt. Only install this mod if you aren’t using these mods.

Navy Revolver (Updated in v4.5)
Update 4.5: No longer requires version.dll to work, For those who prefer dinput8.dll.
Adds Navy revolver & Lowry’s Revolver to single-player, the former can be bought from Saint Denis Gunsmith and the latter from any fence. Both are unlocked as you progress in the story in chapter 4.
Early Navy Revolver Unlock: Optional download under miscellaneous will let you unlock them as early as chapter 2 instead.

Rare Elephant Shotgun (Updated in v4.5)
Update 4.5: No longer requires version.dll to work, For those who prefer dinput8.dll.
Turns the the Rare Shotgun into a pseudo Elephant Rifle. You can collect it as you normally would off the hermit or you can buy it from Saint Denis gunsmith. It will look exactly as Elephant Rifle and will have all its customization options (including engravings, carvings… etc). It can still use all shotgun ammo types but uses Nitro Express rounds in place of Slug rounds.
Note: if you already have the Rare Shotgun it will be missing its components, simply take it to any gunsmith and add the parts you want to it.

UI Stats I’ve edited Weapon & Ammo stats to be representative of the main mod. All special ammo will have same stats, and weapons that were buffed will show that.

Dual Wield Unique Weapons Lets you store a 2nd copy of all unique revolvers, you can use a trainer to give yourself one. Use a trainer to drop the gun you have, then give yourself a new one with the trainer, then pick back up the one you just dropped, go to your horse and check for it.

Purchasable John’s & Micah’s Revolvers You can buy a 2nd copy of both John’s Revolver & Micah’s revolver from any fence as long as you have one of each. John’s revolver is also customizable to a small degree, you can change the metals on, add engravings, carvings, and rifling. (Note if you delete weaponcomponents.meta file from my mod the engravings will not show)

Remove Sniper Scopes You can remove the scope from both sniper rifles when you’re the gunsmith.

Sniper Sights You can upgrade the sights on both sniper rifles from narrow to wide sights as you can with other weapons.

Ivory Grips
Turns Pearl grips into Ivory grips similar to my mod Ivory Grips.

Unlocked Horses Horses are now not locked based on chapter or story progression, you can buy any horse as soon as you have access to the stable that sells it. (Note: If you spawn either the Sable Champagne MFT or the Liver Chestnut Hungarian Halfbred with a trainer you’ll be able to saddle and stable them like other horses.)


  • This was incredibly hard to make… and difficult still to maintain.
  • This mod edits weapons.ymt and other weapon files. It will be incompatible with any other mod that edits the same file to varying degrees. In some cases deleting weapons.ymt from the other mod will make both mods work well together, while in other cases this won’t work.
  • The quest ‘Paying a Social Call’ asks you to clean the Double-Barrel Shotgun to continue, this will be broken by the No Degradation feature of this mod, so uninstall the mod when you reach this quest then re-install it. You can also just kill yourself three times with a trainer and the game will give you the option to skip checkpoint.

First: You need to install ScriptHook.

You can find it here: ScriptHookRDR2 V2
I don’t know the different between the two sorry.
Unpack ScriptHookRDR2.dll into your game’s directory.

Second: You need to install Asi Loader
You Can Choose Between Two Options:
dinput8.dll which can be found alongside both ScriptHook versions linked above.
version.dll which can be found here: RDR 2 Asi Loader
All features of my mod will work with either of them except for ‘Tunables Add-on’ which requires version.dll to work.
Unpack the dll of your choice into your game’s directory.

Third: You need to install Lenny’s Mod Loader.
You can find it here: Lenny’s Mod Loader
After you download it, unpack the contents of ‘ModLoader’ folder into your game’s directory.
These Contents Will Be:
lml (empty folder)

LML also comes with a Mod Manager but it’s optional to use. Check pinned comments in the posts section for youtube guide on how to use it.

Forth: You need to install Maverick Weapons
After you download my mod, unpack the ‘Maverick Weapons’ folder into ‘lml’ folder. (the one we copied in step 3)

Fifth (Optional): You might want to install Maverick Catalog
If you also want to install Maverick Catalog then download and unpack ‘Maverick Catalog’ folder into ‘lml’ folder.
If you don’t know the difference between Weapons & Catalog mod check the description above. Green for Weapons, Cyan for Catalog.

Sixth (Optional): Maverick Weapons pack comes with a few self-explanatory options to choose from if you want.
Infinite Ammo (for special ammo and throwables)
Infinite Ammo & Infinite Deadeye (for special ammo and throwables)
Express Buckshot: Replaces Incendiary Buckshot with Regular Buckshot but with improved stats

To install unpack the files from the option that you want into the ‘Maverick Weapons’ folder which we installed in step 4. It will ask you if you want to overwrite files, say yes.

Seventh: You might need to install a Compatibility Patch to make my mod work with your favorite mod.
Side Note:I can’t believe my mod isn’t already your favorite mod… I’m shocked, SHOCKED!
These are the mods I’ve created Patches for:
Lasso on Belt
No Aiming Zoom
Rifle Holster

Instructions are included with each patch to help you install.

Eighth (Optional): Last but not least is the Tunables Add-On.
I’ve put in a lot of effort into creating this Add-On to give you the option to change values you don’t like.
So if you want to further tune weapon stats download the Add-On then unpack the contents of ‘Tunables’ folder into Maverick Weapons folder (same from step 4). It will ask you if you want to overwrite files, say yes.
Remember: version.dll is required for this Add-On to work at all… (for now)
These are the files you will copy and then edit:

What Can You Edit In These Files?
First know that by default these files have the exact same values present in the main mod, so if you don’t change anything the mod will just function as if nothing’s been changed.
Alternatively you will find with the pack an ‘Examples’ folder which gives you some pre-made Tunable files. You can install one of these and forget about it, but if you want to install multiple you will need to add the values in yourself.

Here are some of the things you can change in the Tunables:
Weapon Damage, Weapon Damage Multiplier (To Player and/or AI), Reload Speed, Weapon Range.
If you don’t like infinite degradation my mod gives weapons, you can use Tunables to revert that.
You can make yourself invincible to certain types of damage (or all of it) like fall damage, or fire…
You can add a Speedloader effect to revolvers.
There are instructions in readme.txt that comes with the Add-On and help in comments.

Ninth (Alternatives): You may want to install one of my other smaller weapons mods instead.
If you’re only interested in one specific feature and don’t want all of this hassle then take a look at the other weapon mods. I’ve split some of the most requested features into their own standalone mods:
No Reticle Spread
No Reticle Sway
No Forced Scope
Dual Wield Unique Weapons
No Weapon Degredation
Ivory Grip
No Fall Damage

Remember these are all features that are already part of Maverick Weapons/Catalog. So don’t install them at the same time.

Tenth (Extra): You can take a look at some of my other mods.
Bigger Horses
Better Horses
Brave Horses
Unlocked Deadeye
John Can Swim
Perfect Pelts
Auto Gold Medals
Auto Challenges
No Hair Growth

Authors: MaVeRicK0I0

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