Download Particles V1.0.3.2 RDR2 Effect Mod

RDR2 Effect Mod: Particles V1.0.3.2 (Featured)
RDR2 Effect Mod: Particles V1.0.3.2

This mod adds particles and improves their quality.

The point is to elevate the experience.
eventually, blend it in.

Which is why I will be vague.
in this mod’s changelog details; just adding a few hints.
That way you don’t just keep looking at what I changed.

Increases particles for

  • Your wilderness campfire embers
  • Your wilderness campfire Fire
  • Your wilderness campfire Smoke
  • Horse Galop dust, grass etc., trail
  • Weather particles (not including rain and snow)
  • Explosions and impacts (Such as gun effects)
  • Chimney smoke
  • Various Other particle slight bump


  • Download
  • Place in your LML folder

Lenny’s Mod Loader RDR

Authors: WhyEm and Friends

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