Download Cowgirls Revisioned (Final-Hotfix) RDR2 Effect Mod

Cowgirls Revisioned (Final-Hotfix) for Red Dead Redemption 2
Cowgirls Revisioned (Final-Hotfix) for RDR2

99% of the women in RDR2 are either housewives or prostitutes. This mod attempts to fix that.

What Does It Add?

  • Armed women (cowgirls) in all the major towns.
  • Female riders
  • Female campers (wilderness)
  • Female wagon drivers


Online Content Unlocker
Lenny’s Mod Loader

There are two different versions that you can choose from:
Default: 20% spawn chance for female riders and a big presence in towns
Low Spawn Rate: Fixed 5% spawn chance for female riders, greatly reduced spawn rate in all the major towns and no wagon drivers

Installation: Choose which version you want and drop the folder lml in your game directory.
Since this mod includes RDO assets you’re gonna need version.dll or Online Content Unlocker.

Ambient Gang – Optional version available. Give higher priority to this mod and delete metapeds.ymt from ambient gang, or you may experience bugs.
Scarlet Ladies – Download the optional file and drop it inside your lml folder, then delete metapeds.ymt from this mod.

Author: LittleCDumpster

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Download mod

unzip-2.rar (2 MB)
Safe to download: Check 

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