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NO Auto Horse Holstering

NO Auto Horse Holstering for Red Dead Redemption 2

Disables the automatic holstering of weapons while on horseback. This doesn’t disable manual horse holstering though. Keeping the experience as vanilla as possible. No AUTO Horse Holstering Inspired by “Disable Horse Holstering” by alfabravozapa, this mod disables the automatic holstering of weapons while on horseback, while still leaving the entire system of horse holstering in…

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Pick Pocket

Pick Pocket for Red Dead Redemption 2

A small utility mod that allows you to pick pocket other peds Pick Pocket Mod This is a small mod that lets you pickpocket almost any NPC. It’s pretty simple: approach someone, lock onto them, and when close enough you’ll notice a new prompt that replaces the “Rob” prompt. When activated, you’ll attempt to pickpocket…

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Ambient Money Stage Coaches

Ambient Money Stage Coaches for Red Dead Redemption 2

It makes free roam more interesting with robbable stagecoaches that carry cash. Ambient Money Stagecoaches Ambient Money Wagons is a simple mod that adds a new type of random event to the game: wagons carrying valuables or cash with wealthy passengers will randomly spawn, and it’s up to you what to do about that when…

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Healthy Arthur

Healthy Arthur for Red Dead Redemption 2

Removes core debuffs, coughing, overeating, ambient NPCs calling you sick, and straining noises you get from Arthur being sick. When you get tuberculosis you gradually get worse core debuffs, coughing, if you overeat food doesn’t refill cores for a while, ambient (non-story random NPCs) calling you sick, and different straining noises from melee and jumping….

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Toggle Crosshair

Toggle Crosshair for Red Dead Redemption 2

Toggle the crosshair or the entire HUD with a button, and configurable keys. I thought it was a hassle to have to go to the settings every time I want to disable the crosshair so now it can be toggled on or off with a key. INI file provided to change the key. The default…

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Unlock Bonus Cores

Unlock Bonus Cores for Red Dead Redemption 2

Unlocks the 2 extra core levels you usually get from special equipment that you get from challenges. Optional version for unlocking all core levels including bonus levels. Installation: Put .ASI file in root folder of RDR2

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Stealth Mode

Stealth Mode for Red Dead Redemption 2

With that mod you’ll be able to use stealth mode just like in Grand Theft Auto V. You won’t have to be crouching to be not seen. Also when you’re in stealth mode you won’t be standing up immediately after pressing F or the execution button to take down NPCs. [Version 1.0] C = Stealth…

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Kick Npcs

Kick Npcs for Red Dead Redemption 2

This mod allows you to kick NPCs while fighting with them. (4 kick animations) Requirements: Alexander Blade’s Script Hook RDR2 [Version 1.2] Performance fixes and few changes to animations (Up Arrow isn’t changed) to get them executed faster. Up Arrow = Kick [Combo] Down Arrow = Close kick [No Ragdoll] Left Arrow = Kick [Ragdoll]…

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Drown Npcs

Drown Npcs for Red Dead Redemption 2

This mod allows you to use it through drowning animation everywhere. [How to activate] For to make this animation start you have to put pedestrians into intimidating positions. For to make them intimidated you can rob them, grapple them with longarm(rifles) or sawed-off shotgun and dismiss them to left, back, or right and they’ll be…

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