Extended John Marston Animations for RDR2

Extended John Marston Animations for Red Dead Redemption 2
Extended John Marston Animations for RDR2

The purpose of this mod is to either alter or eliminate as many “Arthur” animations as possible from John’s moveset.

The majority of changes made to John’s moveset uses “upper body animations”, which means they aren’t full-on, drastically different, entirely unique animations. It’s just a simple “add-on” that makes the already existing animations look slightly different.

And before we start with the showcase, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for at least taking an interest in this mod, I’ve worked really hard in making sure that John feels as different as possible from Arthur while also fixing some stuff on the way. I hope this is something you’d enjoy!

    • Each one of the terrain-based animations (snow, swamp, rivers, ice, etc…) have been either changed or altered to fit John’s current moveset.

— You can see little examples of it in the main GIF above.
— And this change took me fucking ages to finish, It’s insane the amount of animations each different terrain has.

  • Each one of the “situational” animations (combat, stealth, drunk, tired, etc…) have been either changed or altered to fit John’s current moveset.

— This one also took me forever…

  • John’s other miscellaneous animations have been altered as well (like starting a sprint, drift, turn around, moving up and down slopes, etc…).
  • John’s sprinting animation has been improved by using a much better and faster animation as a base.
  • John’s idle animations have been altered (He doesn’t look like a crippled old man anymore… sort of).
  • John moves like himself in Beecher’s Hope.
  • John sprints like himself in first person.
  • John’s crouch animations have been altered (Just a little bit).
  • John’s tired running/jogging animation has been altered to make the movement look more natural.
  • John now has his own relaxed animation in Beecher’s Hope, before, It would use Arthur’s.
  • Stair animations have been altered to fit John’s moveset.
  • Animations for going through bushes have been changed to fit John’s moveset.

— And it’s more consistent now. Before, these animations had a chance to not even trigger at all.

  • John now reacts going through bushes while crouching.

— Unfortunately, this change only affects John due to current “file size” limitations.

  • John’s stand up from a crouch animation has been changed to make it transition better into his idle animation.
  • John has proper idle variations now.
  • John’s cautious walk animation has been restored.

— Cautious mode can be triggered when stepping into the serial killer clues, not really sure where else this mood can be triggered, if you catch any other instances in which John/Arthur are cautious, please, let me know.

  • Most of these changes affect NPC John as well.

I believe there’s still more changes that are missing from this list. I, unfortunately, was intelligent enough to not write down any of the changes as I was developing the mod, so I’m doing these lists by memory.

You can always check the changelog for other important changes if you want to.

  • Each one of the 4 “main” weapon animations (handguns, dual wields, rifles and shotguns) have been completely redone.

— The changes include idle, walking, running and sprinting animations.
— It took me years to make them look “right”.

  • Each one of the “situational” weapon animations (combat, stealth, drunk, tired, etc…) have been completely redone as well.

— Even more years… I have no life.

  • All of the new animations have been improved and tested to work on all kind of environments.
  • The new handgun animations now show up when holding a lantern.

–This… Was a lot harder than you might think…
Fixed an oversight that made John not rise his rifle above water when a scope is installed.
— Unfortunately, this change only affects John due to current “file size” limitations.

  • Fixed some weird problems with shotguns when moving through deep water.
  • I accidentally made brand new First Person animations when sprinting through deep water with all 4 main weapon types.

— This also only affects John due to the same “file size limitation” reason.

  • Changed the handgun aiming animations for the beta ones.

And probably some more, but my dumb little brain can’t remember them all. Also, pretend this list is amazing, packed with changes and is ten pages long.

  • Changed the idle animation for something that’s similar to the first game.

— A lot of effort was put into making as many smooth transitions as possible for the new idle animation.

  • Substancial changes have been made to the RDR 1 walk from previous versions to make it closer to the first game:

— Reduced the head bobbing dramatically.
— He doesn’t move around as much anymore.
— His walk now transfers throughout all walking variations (stairs, walking up and down slopes, etc…)

  • Altered his running/jogging animation to make it more similar to the first game:

— The arms now swing slightly more to the sides.
— Opened up the right hand.

  • I took THE RDR 1 sprinting animation that Rockstar used for testing purposes and layered it on top of John’s sprinting animation.

— It ain’t perfect, but this is as close as we can get without editing the core animations themselves.

Also, I wanted to thank Beacon374 for taking the time to record some RDR 1 footage for me, he’s a real one.

  • There’s a chance that all 4 “main” weapon animations might break after walking/running/sprinting for a while.

— I’m clueless as to why this happens and it’s been driving me insane for the last few weeks, this is one of the main reasons why it took me so long to release the update.

  • Some transitions with the new weapon animations might look a little off (like opening doors) and sadly, there’s nothing I can do about it… For now.
  • The new RDR 1 walking animation is stiff af.
  • The new aiming animations can be a bit broken sometimes.
  • If you run into an obstacle at a very specific angle and timing, you’d be able to desync the upper body animation, making John look like a monkey circus performer.

— The workaround is to literally do anything that makes the animation change, like jumping, stoping, unholstering your gun, etc…

  • Some of the new moveset animations might look a little off in some places (like running into the yellow poison in that one cave in Roanoke Ridge).

— Thankfully, unlike the weapon animations, they are few and far between.

  • There’s also a chance that I somehow made some obscure animations not appear at all. So far, I haven’t seen anything out of the ordinary, but if you notice some animations missing because of this mod, please, let me know.

— If I don’t see any reports of missing animations in the upcoming months, I’ll delete this last point.

I tried really really hard in making sure this update comes out bugless, but sadly, there are some things that are outside of my control and I can’t do anything about it. Hopefully all of these issues can be fixed in the future.

First of all, make sure you have already installed Lenny’s Mod Loader and ScripthookRDR2 in order for this mod to work.

Once you got everything installed, follow up the next steps:

  • Download the Main File “Extended John Marston Animations”
  • Once downloaded, extract the “lml” folder into your game’s directory.
  • And With That, You’re Done!

It can’t be more simple than that. After this, you’re able to download and install the other optional files if you so desire.
The process is pretty much the same, just download the optional files, extract the “lml” folder into your game’s directory, replace everything and you should be done.

Author: iAbokai

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