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Snowy White Map

Snowy White Map for Red Dead Redemption 2

A white cleaner version of the map. Requirements: Lenny’s Mod Loader RDR Makes your map white like beautiful snow Context: I started a new playthrough using this mod Simple Snow that adds permanent snow and I thought about making the map white to reflect the idea of having snow all around me. It’s all about…

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Glamping For Arthur

Glamping For Arthur for Red Dead Redemption 2

Glamping for Arthur at some of the best and most isolated spots. Five Different Camp Sites, Located At: Flat Iron Lake Grizzlies East Hennigan’s Stead Two located near Rio Del Lobo Rock Grizzlies West near Mount Hagen Also made a few changes to the Stilted Shack. For the best experience please use the mod “Seats”…

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House ON The Hill

House ON The Hill for Red Dead Redemption 2

Here is an unusual house on the hill !!! Thanks to this modification your game will be even more interesting. Thanks to the map editor by Lambdarevolution you can now have your own house on the hill near Valentine. It is located in a beautiful location which should encourage you to download this mod right…

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House AT Coots Chapel

House AT Coots Chapel for Red Dead Redemption 2

this repairs one of the ruined house near coots chapel you will need rampage trainer to no clip in side or use a teleport script not sure how to make the doors open Requirements: Rampage Trainer lennys mod loader put the ymap in stream in lennys mod loader

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LIT for Red Dead Redemption 2

Light sources have been tweaked and some interior lights restored/added Pros: Light sources have been standardized based on lighting type (candle, oil, kerosene, electrical etc) All light sources will cast shadows Attempt to restore/add some of the interior lighting and add missing prop shadows (only Valentine for now) Some of the fake lighting (no specific…

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Forested Valentine

Forested Valentine for Red Dead Redemption 2

Makes Valentine a forest This mod adds a forest into valentine to make a new smell of fresh air. enjoy hopefully it wont bug any cutscenes. (only xml ymap makes trees go bye bye.)

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