RDR2 Maps mods

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Shining Colter

Shining Colter for Red Dead Redemption 2

This makes colter filled to the brim with lights, and lanterns, making it feel like it never actually got abandoned. All this does is add lamps and lights to colter. Drag to your steam folder in LML.


Revealed Map

Revealed Map for Red Dead Redemption 2

What’s the point of having a map, if you can’t even see the way to your destination until you get there. Entire map is revealed without Arthur having to explore it. Installation: drop RevealMap.asi in your game directory. Make sure you installed Scripthook first


Lighting UP Ambarino

Lighting UP Ambarino for Red Dead Redemption 2

This adds Light Poles throughout the entirety of Colter, although I believe I overdid the placements on some of the roads, I’ll prob remaster this mod in the future or something. you know the deal LML -> Stream Folder Drag and drop the ymap there.


Undead Saint Denis

Undead Saint Denis for Red Dead Redemption 2

this was a project i was working on with help from RedmaxBR but i kind of never finished it so I’ve decided to finish it up a little (not all the way) updates will come in the future whenever i get around to it but what this mod does is try and turn Saint Denis…


Tahiti With Gang Members And NPC

Tahiti With Gang Members And NPC for Red Dead Redemption 2

Created with map editor, all gang members included except Tilly because I can’t found her in map editor. Every gang have their own Task. Edit : You need to make the file to read only otherwise map editor will auto change all the gang members outfit and position


Horse Jumping

Horse Jumping for Red Dead Redemption 2

1 – You will need the RDR2 Map Editor 2 – Unzip the file 3 – Copy the file(horse_jumping1.xml) to the Map Editor folder where you installed the game etc : Red Dead Redemption 2MapEditorMaps 4 – Start the game and load the map with the F5 menu. 5 – See the location on the…


Forest ON Mount Hagen

Forest ON Mount Hagen for Red Dead Redemption 2

Adds trees in Mt. Hagen. The current problem with this is due to the fact that I cant convert this towards a ymap, because it makes all the trees disappear, I unfortunately had to keep it a XML, Map Editor is required.