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High Pressure Weather Alternate

High Pressure Weather Alternate for Red Dead Redemption 2

I reworked high-pressure weather to fit my own aesthetics without dropping performance. Requirements: LML High-pressure weather now has a “warmer” tone and less blue lighting overall. It’s a subjective aesthetic choice I like the weather better this way but you might not. performance friendly, won’t touch your framerate. To install extract the downloaded folder and…

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Global Cooling

Global Cooling for Red Dead Redemption 2

This mod adds snow to the ground and changes the weather to winter weather on the whole map. Version 1.0.1: Fixed lighting glitches. This mod adds snow to the ground and changes the weather to winter weather on the whole map (It will snow a lot…). It creates more varied winter weather than what’s in…

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Alternate Sunny Weather

Alternate Sunny Weather for Red Dead Redemption 2

Changes The Color Pallete From Sunny Weather To My Liking, Putting It Out In Case Someone Likes It. All The Pictures Are With The Mod Enabled. Hi, this is my second mod but i don’t know anything about modding. if there are any problems with this mod installed i apologize

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Custom Walk Speed

Custom Walk Speed for Red Dead Redemption 2

Change your walk and run speed with the mouse wheel. Run while inside buildings or at camp. Version 1.0.2: ✔ You can tap the sprint key to jog now, so the sprint key should work the same way as in the vanilla game. I uploaded an optional version 1.0.1 that doesn’t have this feature as…

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Expression Editor

Expression Editor for Red Dead Redemption 2

A tool for easier editing of YMT Expressions. 1. Export and unhash a ped’s YMT file. 2. For each outfit you want to edit, replace the block with the one provided in the download. 3. Place your YMT file into lml/stream and restart the game. 4. Spawn the ped ingame, aim at them and press…

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The Pedestrian Gallery

The Pedestrian Gallery for Red Dead Redemption 2

Images of every character model in the game. Since there is no tool that can view RDR2 models, I simply spawned every single character model ingame and took a screenshot of their outfits and individual components.

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Bodyguard spawner

Bodyguard spawner for Red Dead Redemption 2

I know most trainers let you spawn bodyguards, I’ve made this feature for my AMJMTransport mod and just turned into a standalone mod in case someone wants it. Also, it has some features other spawners might not, like a revive mechanic or saving your bodyguards when you exit the game. Use the hotkey to bring…

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Legend Of The West

Legend Of The West for Red Dead Redemption 2

Legend of the West…. i remastred it! HA! well with a little help of Eki AKA Redemptify :3 . This mod gives John his Legend of the West Outfit back. replaced items are in the .txt along with installation process ENJOY!

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Remove Screen Effects

Remove Screen Effects for Red Dead Redemption 2

Removes all screen effects that occur with dead eye, eagle eye, tonic consumption, drunk character… Requires Lennys Mod Loader. For installation put the Remove Screen Effects folder inside lml folder.

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