RDR2 ReShade Mods

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Sweet N’ Simple Reshade

Sweet N’ Simple Reshade for Red Dead Redemption 2

A simple but realistic ReShade for Red Dead Redemption 2. (In my opinion) Red Dead Redemption 2 has some of the best graphics to date. However I feel they still could be improved on. For example, sometimes vegetation can look a little too unsaturated, the sky isn’t really sky blue, etc. I see all these…


Natural Reshade

Natural Reshade for Red Dead Redemption 2

Performance friendly. More sharpen, more brighter, less saturated. Requirements: Reshade Install last Reshade. Extract preset to game folder. Overwrite.


Photo Realistic Reshade Preset

Photo Realistic Reshade Preset for Red Dead Redemption 2

This ReShade preset makes a change to colors, sharpness and adds a somewhat HDR. Feel free to change the preset if it does not look right to you. INSTALLATION: Download ReShade at their official website. Then copy and paste the “PhotoRealistic ReShade Preset” file into your RDR2 directory.


Perfect Landscapes

Perfect Landscapes for Red Dead Redemption 2

If u love to look at the landscape, this is your ReShade. Enhanced graphics to make the base game graphics even more beautiful To Install: Just install the last version of Reshade and drag PerfectLandscapes.ini in to game’s directory (where the .exe is) Let me know what u think in the comments! Enjoy!



Simplebetter-Hdr-Ilumination for Red Dead Redemption 2

Just a simple change in the color palette of the global lighting making that whole gray screen clearer, it is worth remembering that the lights of the luminaires in general are less blurry and with the color more slightly more orange, and a small improvement in the color of the sky with a very low…


A Simple Sharpening Preset

A Simple Sharpening Preset for Red Dead Redemption 2

All this does is add a small sharpening filter to the game, it only drops about 2 fps for me personally, though this might differ for you This mod uses CAS and Delc Sharpen to make the game a bit sharper, if any tweaks need to be made please let me know.


Realistic Reshade With NO Performance Loss And FOG Removal Option

Realistic Reshade With NO Performance Loss And FOG Removal Option for Red Dead Redemption 2

Realistic Reshade with no performance loss and fog removal option. Supports both Vulkan and DX12. Please read the installation guide properly. Uninstall any previously installed reshade before installing this one. Notice: press “PageUP” inside game to bring up the reshade menu. “Scroll Lock” to toggle reshade Reshade Offerings: ✔ Enhanced Graphics/Texture details of everything (No…


Ultimate Reshade SET

Ultimate Reshade SET for Red Dead Redemption 2

Simple the MOST REALISTIC RESHADE for Red Dead Redemption 2. How to install: Reshade ✔ Clean-up your previous all Reshade files and configuration from RDR2 folder before install this mod ✔ Extract these files into where your game executable (RDR2.exe) resides. ✔ Run The Game!