CH 1 To 6 Open World Untouched Save for RDR2

CH 1 To 6 Open World Untouched for Red Dead Redemption 2
CH 1 To 6 Open World Untouched for RDR2

I might do the Epilogue eventually, but I’m getting no indications or feedback that anybody really cares about that.

As with some of the other save series that I’ve posted, my first goal was to finish the storyline without tripping the random interactions (e.g., the guys dying from snake bites, random horse races, ladies in distress, Tucker’s friend, people falling off their horse, (especially that amputee). etc., etc.

There is a million of them and avoiding them all (except the few you’re forced do do) was a HUUUUUGE pain in the butt. My last attempt at doing this still resulted in multiple random encounters for which I could account. This time, I kept a close eye on the number of “random interactions” under Progress and Completion Summary. Three still pop up in Chapters 1 -5, but they’re really more a part of the storyline. A few more pop up in Chapter 6, but that because I decided to complete the scenes at the railroad building site, Castor’s Cabin, Appleseed Timber, and with Charlotte Balfour. (Very minor spoiler coming up here.) Not completing those in by Ch6 has repercussions in the Epilogue.

I cannot tell you home many times I had to reload after tipping a random encounter. Game Save manger is you friend.
And special shout out to the fly mod by hcl20061218. None of this would have been possible without it.

On that note, I went through a looooot of trial and error to figure you what mods and save editor changes corrupt a save. Any such things that I used with these saves has been tested all the way through multiple time and don’ t cause any problems. The #2 purpose (or number #1 depending on what you the user most wants), was to get all the boring, grinding-type stuff out of the was as early as possible. That where Herbalist and Gambler challenges come in, as well
as anything that just requires wasting time searching high and low. That would
be the dinosaur bones, dreamcatchers, and rock carvings. I left 1 of each and 2
of the dino bones, all nearest to Elysian Pond. I left 2 dino bones because when you first mail in a bone location, the cliché mad scientist (they’re all cliché mad scientist but I’m talking
about the paleontologist) mails you a quartz chunk. You still get it and her
invitation at the same time if you mail them together, but on the off chance
that you want to do this separately I left two. Keep in mind, the last dino bone and rock carving will be inaccessible until you start their respective missions. The last rock carving you go to will
be there, but you will never be prompted to note its location, and the last dino
bone you go to will simply disappear if you have not met the quest giver. Same goes
for rock carvings. If I left anything that needs to be addressed or I you have any questions all, please ask. No stupid questions in my book. Enjoy.
PS- One last thing. Not getting the Pronghorn trinket until the Epilogue is dumb in my opinion. I believe I included it midway through Ch3 this time. I think.

PSS- Please leave your comments. The often boosts my spirits and keep me engaged, which I sorely need right now. I just ask that they be complements or trolling-free criticisms only. Trolling is a lot like littering. It helps nobody, makes things worse, and causes brain cancer.

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Triple Changer

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  1. Thank you for this! This is perfect for those that wish to just explore the open world and do all the side missions. =)

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