Feathered Appaloosa

Feathered Appaloosa for Red Dead Redemption 2

Used my The Count mod to make some more variants for the white arabian player horse. Enjoy. Lú! Jó magyarosan. 20 of them. Replacing the White Arabian. Mostly for my roleplaying, but up to you if you use them. To install? Download the file, pick your horse. Put it in your lml/stream folder, and enjoy….

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Guarma Home

Guarma Home for Red Dead Redemption 2

If you would like Arthur or John to have a house on guarma, you’ve come to the right place. This mod adds a perfectly finished guarma house with an interior and many other additions to the exterior. Sounds interesting? Guarma Home This mod allows you to use cozy house built from scratch on Guarma. Inside…

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Arthur Chapter 2 L.o.t.e Save

Arthur Chapter 2 L.o.t.e Save for Red Dead Redemption 2

An optimal save for anyone who wants to freeroam the world as Arthur without starting a new save to unlock everything. You can also freely visit New Austin and Blackwater. Also Includes The Legend Of The East outfit and Satchel. Requirements: Disable Out Of Bounds Snipers Unlocked Deadeye Did you ever want to freeroam as…

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The Undead Cowboy

The Undead Cowboy for Red Dead Redemption 2

The Undead Cowboy from Undead Nightmare recreated to near perfection using the original textures, animations, and a couple of outfits. John Marston raises from the dead this Halloween to be the true Legend of the Undead missing eye and all. Enjoy being the Undead Cowboy once more with new animations, textures, and some of his…

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Cowgirls for Red Dead Redemption 2

Adds cowgirls and female rough travelers in towns and wilderness Requirements: LML This mod adds armed cowgirls in the wilderness and in towns. You will see women driving wagons and traveling on horses in the wilderness They work just like a normal NPC, with full voice lines and the ability to interact with other NPCs…

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Fishing ROD Grip Toggle

Fishing ROD Grip Toggle for Red Dead Redemption 2

This mod lets you toggle gripping the fishing rod, instead of having to hold the mouse button / LT the whole time. Optionally it gets rid of the camera shake during fishing. Press the ‘menu down’ key to toggle the grip while you have a fishing rod equipped. By default, it should be a down…

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Restore Boadicea

Restore Boadicea for Red Dead Redemption 2

Restores the Liver Chestnut Hungarian Half-Bred Requirements: Lenny’s Mod Loader Changelog 1.0 Initial upload Installation Place the “restoreBoadicea” folder inside your “/Red Dead Redemption 2/lml/” Replaces the Pre-Order War Horse with the Liver Chestnut Hungarian Half-Bred, as well as removing the need to have a pre-order version of the game. Simply claim your free horse…

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