Download John Marston – 1911 V1.1 RDR2 Player Mod

RDR2 John Marston – 1911 V1.1 mod
John Marston – 1911 V1.1 for RDR2

Replaces epilogue John’s textures with his RDR1 textures, except more high quality. This mod gives epilogue John Marston the RDR1 textures but edited to match John’s RDR2 model and the game’s color tone.

Features Include:
Gentleman’s attire beard style
Normal maps
Material textures
Ambient occlusion so that the scars will react to lighting with no leftovers of the vanilla scars

As an optional file this mod also includes a version that makes John’s npc scars more accurate to the RDR1 scars and a guide on how to remove the stitches.

Special thanks to B0AH1907 for making the texture more defined and less blurry.
Also thanks to Skirish for helping me convert RDR1 green alpha normal maps to RDR2 blue normal maps

Lenny’s Mod Loader

John Marston Facial Animation Overhaul
Extended John Marston Animations

Author: GuiCORLEONEx794

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unzip.rar (50 MB)
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