A.E.M (Authentic Euphoria Motions) Effect for RDR2

A.E.M (Authentic Euphoria Motions) for Red Dead Redemption 2
A.E.M (Authentic Euphoria Motions) for RDR2

This mod makes falling motions, rolling motions, bailing out motions and largely gunshot reactions & motions feel more authentic. This mod focuses to make NPC’s behave more brutally, which includes a lot of stumbling, painful reactions to the stomach area, leg area and spine area. Headshots feel more brutal to watch as NPC’s step forward in a very slow pace and fall. This mod is something different compared to my W.E.R.O mod. This mod was created to experiment with reactions, especially when it comes to brutal and painful reactions. I had a lot of fun making this and I hope you will love this mod! If reactions, that are brutal and painful to watch, are your style, then I recommend you try this out! Feel free to send feedback, I would appreciate to hear what you think!

NOTE: This mod is not aimed for realism. A.E.M is totally meant for you to play around with the physics and cause more theatrical reactions.

This mod isn’t exactly a large mod compared to W.E.R.O, so it doesn’t use files such as weapons.ymt, fred.xml, wilma.xml and other body type files so this mod won’t cause massive conflict with other mods. Only incompatible mods are mods, that use physicstasks.ymt. If there will include other files, they will be completely optional and not in the main package

NOTE: This mod won’t receive major future updates and won’t accept suggestions. I worked on this only as a side project and I decided not to have any planned updates for A.E.M. There might be a few updates that only makes minor changes, if the mod needs it. I might also add alternative versions that make little changes to create a variety. Maximum of 4 alternative versions are accepted by you guys.

Most Frequently Asked Question(s):
Q: Is It Compatible With PDO?
A: 100% compatible. Just download the euphoria-compatible version of PDO
Q: Is it compatible with other euphoria mods?

A: No, since euphoria mods use the same file which is physicstasks.ymt to modify euphoria behaviors

I recommend using A.E.M with these mods as a combination (Any combat overhaul mod fits):
WhyEm’s BloodLust (Bloody As Hell version from the Standard Package)
PDO (Ped Damage Overhaul) Standard Edition With Euphoria Compatibility

Combat Overhaul Recommendations to use with A.E.M (choose one):
Mavericks Weapons

How To Install:
Drag the A.E.M folder to your LML folder

RDR 2 Euphoria Mod - A.E.M (Authentic Euphoria Motions) Satisfying Ragdoll Physics

Author: VolaticWolf

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