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Visuals for Red Dead Redemption 2
Visuals for RDR2

“If a slap don’t work, you cut ’em or you pay ’em, but you keep your receipts, cos this ain’t the Mafia.”

Addon Weather Variants [Yes Just like my DLC] These weather variants will dynamically appear in the game
Selection of whether variants may change in future updates

New Weather Variants Included In This Update:

    • Heavy Clouds [Most Regions] Extra Sunny [Most Regions] Misty Predator from Online [Swamp Area] Foggy Predator from Online [Swamp Area] Shower Predator from Online [Swamp Area]

Built-in “No Glow” for Pickup Items
Guns and hats will no longer have a glowing effect when dropped.

Cinematic Black Bars [Optional Version] This alternative method uses vignettes to simulate the cinematic black bars
Making it playable by avoiding the obstruction of the mini map and icons
More importantly it’s cause I love doing things differently

Adjusts Artificial light preventing excessive brightness/darkness
Lighting adjustments to simulate raytracing effects
Reflections have been further refined; I’ll probably tune it down
Tone map expanded for a wider range of colors (HDR exclusive)
Luminance per channel to complement the expanded color range
Increases light cast range
Adjusts sunrise and sunset colors to compliment disc size
Revamps various clouds
Overhauls sandstorm
Edits VRS for balance between quality and performance
Edits shadows from various sources
HBAO (Horizon-Based Ambient Occlusion) refined settings
Enhances grass alpha and variation for improved visual fidelity
Adds various particle tweaks in the game world
Increases Intensity and coverage of local lights sources
Adds star constellation to multiple cycles and edits it
Increases Sharpness (Lower your in game sharpness after installing)
Increases the size of the sun at dusk & dawn
Increases moonlight effect
Improves water reflections

Edits water tunes and water puddles
Improves fog and volumetric fog precision
Makes rain particles translucent and less light emissive
Makes rain particle impacts translucent and less light emissive
Revamps rain and drizzle effects and behavior
Adds missing drizzle ground effect
Enables DOF for the cinematic version
Edits various weather types

There is no before and after because this is not a reshade
Edits will look better on HDR but will look good on SDR as well
You’ll need a proper collaborated HDR display to see this mod’s full potential
If you are using SDR then try a warm color tone and adjust as needed
The mod will increase your sharpness so…
Remember to lower sharpening via the ingame settings after installing
You’ll need to rethink your settings cause there are some performance hits
Trust me most of them are placebo and they define the idiom:
“the juice is not worth the squeeze”

Set your Nvidia control panel resolution to RGB – Full – 10 bit
Monitor and TV collaboration is not easy
However, try to achieve whites close to an iPhone OLED display
I highly recommend using this tool from the win app store

Industry standard is usually WARM 2 on TVs
Use HGiG Tone Mapping on your display if it is available

If you use Vulkan then you need to be in Fullscreen to activate HDR
Windows “auto HDR” option doesn’t do the job

HDR in-game collaboration settings recommendation

  • HDR Style : Game
  • Peak Brightness : Set to your Display or 1500<
  • Paper White : Subjective 150<

Choose version
Place in your LML folder

Lenny’s Mod Loader RDR

Authors: WhyEm and Friends

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unzip-12.rar (4 MB)
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