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RDR2 Improved Wildlife Alpha 0.6 mod
Improved Wildlife Alpha 0.6 for RDR2

This mod will be majorly updated in the future, however the changes I have made so far are:


  • Increased spawn factor to all wildlife. (aquatic, flying and ground animals.)
  • Range increased to which how far birds spawn. (this is to be tested more, but if you see any changes, let me know.)


  • Improved bait system. (increased attraction distance, length of effectivity and reduced delay of animals being dispatched.)


  • Changes to wildlife spawns. (Better values than 0.1)
  • Improved flock and herd system. (Increase amount of birds their are in a flock, increased spawns of flocks and herds. Their is a lot more I’ve tweaked, however these are the main edits.)
  • Improved scavenger system. (Predator Animals (mostly scavenging birds) are more eager to feast on animal carcass’s and more scavengers can be allowed to feast on a carcass at a the same time.)


  • Even better scavengers. (Will come more often than before)
  • Distance to which different species of animals are close to each other is significantly lowered. (Enjoy an even more vast wilderness)


  • Different types of animals are closer to each other than before! (I’ve worked closely with these values so should work way better than 0.4)
  • Animals get hungry quicker
  • A few more tiny edits


  • Herd animals will wander a lot more rather than just be eating, drinking or just being idle without the players intrusion.
  • More animlals affected from being more hungry.
  • Non horse animals that follow npcs (pretty much just dogs) will stick more to them, so they dont wander off too much.
  • Birds are more likely to land and chill on the ground for a bit.
  • Flocks and herds will keep together longer until they stray away from each other.
  • Animals are spooked longer, making it a bit harder to hunt, but more realistic.
  • Animals will face the player longer before deciding that you are a threat.

Does this hit performance? – Honestly, idk. I haven’t seen anything impactful, but check yourself and see how it goes.
What’s to come? – Currently looking at animal reactions, so keep a look out!

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Author: INNX

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