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RDR2 Effect Mod: Immersive Faction Interaction Tweaks (Featured)
RDR2 Effect Mod: Immersive Faction Interaction Tweaks

Overhauls the basic faction relationships to be more immersive and consistent.

For some reason Rockstar dropped the ball on faction relationships in this game. Tons of relationships between different factions and npcs just dont exist, this leads to unimmersive encounters. This mod intends to adress this problem by adding a ton of new relationship entries to gangs, guards, civillians, cops, ranchers, bounty hunters and more! The goal of this mod is to make moments where different npc factions encounter each other more meaningful and less broken.

A Few Small Examples:

  • npcs of different factions are now able to fight each other consistently if needed
  • all criminal factions now dislike lawmen, bounty hunters and pinkertons
  • civilians have proper distaste for gang members
  • You can fight criminals without getting wanted

This mod is built upon the Ambient Gangs relationship.meta, Ambient gangs is recommended but not needed.

  • Install the mod like you would any other LML mod

Incompatible with any other relationships.meta
If you are using ambient gangs just delete its relationship.meta and use this

Author: MrTorrance1921

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