Improved Blood V1.5 for RDR2

Improved Blood V1.5 for Red Dead Redemption 2
Improved Blood V1.5 for RDR2

New blood that i think fits better with alot more variations of blood pools and splatters, Tarantino style.

32 hand made animated blood pools similar to what i saw in forensics pictures and gore videos

over 40 blood splatters.
all the blood is around 1k to 4k resolution magnitudes sharper than vanilla 256×256.
optional smaller wounds
most of the blood now will stay for over 20 minutes instead of vanilla 1 minute for a nice aftermath
optional no mist
upscaled materials bullet holes included

optional upscaled gore textures
optonal upscalled vanilla splatters with my pools version

!!!USE HIGH VELOCITY AMMO FOR MORE SPLATTERS!!!specially directional on the walls,because the bullet Goes trough and its why gta 6 will take 20 years

!!!BLOODLUST INFO!!! In order to play with bloodlust you need to delete the whole “blooddecal” Folder from bloodlust folder,and also delete “vfxbloodinfo.ymt” that is inside the bloodfx folder,without doing so my mod WILL NOT WORK,bloodlust increases the impact fx mist also increases the size of the blood splatter textures i recommend no more than bloodcrave option wich i use or else they will be comically huge,it will not be compatible at all with the “no mist optional” as it is the opposite of what bloodlust does.

!!!!USE VULKAN API!!!! all texture and code heavy mods need VULKAN its better than DX12 for this game anyway but if you really need dx12 there is an optional compatible version

Nothing to do with my mod,but the game itself has a bug where rarely bullet wounds wont show up on some npcs or after they are killed so dont complain in the comments.

The artery spill blood pool scales up like the normal vanilla pool not like i animated the normal blood pools and it will always be 2x the size of the normal blood pool(might make sense as they bleed profoundly)all of this is hardcoded so i cant do nothing about it for now.

Author: Cazanu

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