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Immersive Scenarios for Red Dead Redemption 2
Immersive Scenarios for RDR2

Allows the player to use NPC exclusive scenarios

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RDR2 has thousands of immersive scenarios that can only be used by NPCs. Stuff like playing a piano, sitting on a ledge, leaning on walls and railings, sleeping on a bedroll, playing instruments, working, watching the livestock or simply chilling in a cool pose can’t be done naturally by the player. Well, this mod changes that.

This mod allows you to use all the relevant scenarios that were previously exclusive to NPCs.

Mod Details:

  • To use the mod, simply go to a spot where a scenario can be played, and a prompt will show up. Once you press the prompt the scenario will trigger.
  • The prompt to use the scenario will not show up if an NPC is already using it.
  • To stop the scenario press one of the movement keys or the ‘Stop’ prompt.
  • All of the scenarios allow you to talk to NPCs and can be dynamically interrupted.
  • Arthur/John will pull a cigarette, roll it, light it and start smoking after you seat on a chair.
  • You can sit with other NPCs.
  • You can sit and play music instruments like guitars, banjos and concertinas after you pick them up.
  • Work objects like buckets, bags, brooms, rakes and sacks can be picked up and used. You can also feed pigs and chickens with the bucket you picked.
  • Bonus: Horses that are resting on the ground will no longer automatically get up when you get close to them.

There is no point in having mods like Seats or Playabe Piano if you use this mod, as it already allows you to lean on walls, seat on chairs/benches and play music instruments.

Installation: Drag the folder lml to your game directory.

Author: MaybelleElizabethColter

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