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MP Agro Taurus 12000

MP Agro Taurus 12000 for Farming Simulator 19

One of the most used fertilizing equipment in Brazil comes to Farming Simulator, meet MP Agro Taurus 12,000 ✔ Price: €28000 ✔ Used for fertilizer, limestone and manure ✔ Capacity: 12.000 L ✔ Working speed: 18 km/h ✔ Width for fertilizer: 36m ✔ Width for limestone and manure: 12m ✔ Animations: The axles are flexible,…

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Veraneio Brazil

Veraneio Brazil for Farming Simulator 19

Veraneio, produced for people with better financial conditions and a larger family at the time, was an SUV that emerged in Brazil, gaining ground in the market and keeping your sales success along with your competitors. Price: BRL 55,000 Power: 200 hp Maximum speed: 80 KM/h ✔ Optional colors ✔ Functional doors ✔ Optional lights

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ZIL-130 Fish Carrier V1.2

ZIL-130 Fish Carrier V1.2 for Farming Simulator 19

ZIL-130 for transportation of live fish and fry on some maps (Russian expanses, Svapa agro, green valley) ✔ Power: 110 kW / 150 hp; ✔ Speed: 90 km / h; ✔ The volume of the fuel tank: 170 l.; ✔ Cost: 28 100 €; ✔ Choice of the main color; ✔ Choice of rim color;…

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ZIL 130 Live Fish V1.1

ZIL 130 Live Fish V1.1 for Farming Simulator 19

Mod “ZIL 130 Live Fish” is designed to transport fish on the Dawn map. The choice of the color of the cab and rim, animation of devices, lighting equipment. Changed In 1.1 Fix: ✔ Fixed problem with refueling

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