FS19 Brazil Mods

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Agrale 14000 Brazil

Agrale 14000 Brazil for Farming Simulator 19

Price: 42200 $ Power: 200 HP Maximum Speed: 80 km/h Capacity 22000 Liters. Optional color on the bumper. High bodywork price 10000. Low body price 8000. Real Physics.


Fazenda Cristalina V2.0

Fazenda Cristalina V2.0 for Farming Simulator 19

Essa v.2 foi feita por mim no fs19 , com Autorização de Farming Brazil Sul ( Modding BR) , Créditos totais ao Dono do mapa no FS15 Mapa todo refeito , nesta versão ele contem Usina da cana , 3 pontos de venda , Multfrut completo ( Sorgo , Feijão Preto , Mileto , Centeio…


SLC John Deere 7300 Brazil

SLC John Deere 7300 Brazil for Farming Simulator 19

SLC was a Brazilian brand bought little by little by the powerful john deere, who used their base projects to succeed in other future combine projects. Price: BRL 100,000 Power: 160 hp Maximum speed: 25 KM/h ✔ Animation on the engine covers.


Bacuri Farm 2K21

Bacuri Farm 2K21 for Farming Simulator 19

Bacuri farm this map is based on the thicket of southern Brazil where the land is large crops just out of sight. ✔ Map in addition to the original crops, has extra crops such as: carioca beans, sorghum. ✔ Account with 3 grain sales, cooperative lizard1, cooperative lizard2, pioneer. ✔ Sale of bales, wool, cotton,…


Pioneers Map V1.1

Pioneers Map V1.1 for Farming Simulator 19

In the 1980s settlers left southern Brazil for central western Brazil in search of new land. Take on the role of one of these settlers in this map based on this region and era. Simulate with your friends the saga of the Mato Grosso pioneers in the Farming Simulator. ✔ you have to create the…


Agronópolis Map

Agronópolis Map for Farming Simulator 19

Map is based on the Vale do Itajaí region, located in Santa Catarina in Southern Brazil. Welcome to Agronópolis, a simple and calm city, its economy is based on agriculture. Explore the region, where several beautiful landscapes are present. If you want to have some fun, then go to the soccer field next to the…


MP Agro Taurus 12000

MP Agro Taurus 12000 for Farming Simulator 19

One of the most used fertilizing equipment in Brazil comes to Farming Simulator, meet MP Agro Taurus 12,000 ✔ Price: €28000 ✔ Used for fertilizer, limestone and manure ✔ Capacity: 12.000 L ✔ Working speed: 18 km/h ✔ Width for fertilizer: 36m ✔ Width for limestone and manure: 12m ✔ Animations: The axles are flexible,…


Palmeira DAS Missoes Map

Palmeira DAS Missoes Map for Farming Simulator 19

Map Based on the palm region of the missions in Rio Grande do Sul, Southern Brazil. This map was created with a lot of affection and dedication to show players a little bit of agriculture in Brazil. Hope you like! ✔ It has 2 grain sales. ✔ Sale of bales, wool and cotton. ✔ Sale…


Veraneio Brazil

Veraneio Brazil for Farming Simulator 19

Veraneio, produced for people with better financial conditions and a larger family at the time, was an SUV that emerged in Brazil, gaining ground in the market and keeping your sales success along with your competitors. Price: BRL 55,000 Power: 200 hp Maximum speed: 80 KM/h ✔ Optional colors ✔ Functional doors ✔ Optional lights