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Fortschritt T890 B01 Cultivator

Fortschritt T890 B01 Cultivator for Farming Simulator 19

Three fine cultivators mounted in a T890 coupling wagon are used for both seedbed preparation and post-processing of the peeling furrow on light to medium-heavy soils. The working speed should be between 10-15 kph. When you arrive at the field, the cultivator must also be unfolded and coupled to the working drawbar. The road drawbar…

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Fortschritt ZT 300-303 V2.0

Fortschritt ZT 300-303 V2.0 for Farming Simulator 19

The pull tractor ZT 300 is a tractor of the pulling force class 20 kN. Changelog: ✔ Standard rear tires 18.4/15-30 8PR added ✔ Worklight rear added ✔ Rotating Beacon added (selectable) ✔ Front loader and crane control for doors, roof and rear window ✔ Fixed Sound ✔ Fixed Lighting It was manufactured between…

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Fortschritt E512

Fortschritt E512 for Farming Simulator 19

Re-textured model of the Fortschritt E512 combine. (Red textured wheels) Original over-textured: LUK 187 I Hope You, Will, Like It? Contains: Fortschritt E512 without chopper, Fortschritt E512 with chopper, heder 4.20m, heder 5.7m

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MDW 527

MDW 527 for Farming Simulator 19

Fortschritt MDW E527 combine. Included 2 cutters for various types of crops and trailer for cutter. Harvester: ✔ Price: 110.000€ ✔ Power: 197 HP / 146kW ✔ Capacity: 8400 liter Grain Cutter: ✔ Price: 32.000€ Maize Cutter: ✔ Price: 10.000€ Cutter Trailer: ✔ Price: 8000€

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Fortschritt E524 Edited

Fortschritt E524 Edited for Farming Simulator 19

Jzd zabreh decided for you to send out the E524 combine to make farming fans happy because this combine was in its fifteen for the last time. Otherwise, the combine contains a bar for grain and a cart. So I hope you will like it and you will play with it nicely.

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