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Grimme Multiroader V2.1

Grimme Multiroader V2.1 for Farming Simulator 19

This is the Grimme Trctron 415 from LS17 to LS19 umgeskinnt to full harvester Full Harvester To Harvest From: lettuce, onions, carrots, red cabbage, white cabbage, beetroot, garlic, potatoes and sugar beet What’s changed… Sound, weight, and various small changes Equipment is the same on all models Power 1103kw/1500Ps Maximum speed 50km/h Working speed 25km/h…

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Grimme BIG Buzz

Grimme BIG Buzz for Farming Simulator 19

GRIMME Big buzz for Farming simulator 19 Tank 180,000 liters HP 435, 1350, 20000 km H 45, 78, 93 color change. Working Width: 25 Price: 496000 Category: DG Brand: GRIMME

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Grimme Conveyor Belt Technology

Grimme Conveyor Belt Technology for Farming Simulator 19

Grimme conveyor belt technology. ✔ SL8022 loads automatically, the small LIZARD conveyor belt no longer has to be be placed in front of it. The catchment area is enlarged and the color selection has been added. Can also be placed in a seed trigger or purchase trigger and loaded by conveyor belt. ✔ RH2460 multi-fruit…

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Grimme Tectron 415 V1.0.0.2

Grimme Tectron 415 V1.0.0.2 for Farming Simulator 19

today I have the Tectron 415 converted by Christian Since I personally like to use it and I do not like the new potato harvester, I have reworked the 415 itself. I adjusted the headlamps and the taillights, they had to be shifted slightly and I converted the cat’s eyes into lights. The rear wheel…

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Potato Harvester Pack

Potato Harvester Pack for Farming Simulator 19

This pack contains two modified tow-behind potato harvesters. Grimme SE260 Technical Specifications: –Price: 157,875€ –Capacity: 9,276L –Required power: 150 hp –Working speed: 10 km / h –Working width: 1.8m Ropa Keiler 2 Technical Specifications: –Price: 140,000€ –Capacity: 10,000L –Required power: 150 hp –Working speed: 10 km / h –Working width: 1.8m Additional Functions: The drawbar…

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