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RDR2 Complete Horse Overhaul mod
Complete Horse Overhaul for RDR2

This mod changes all horses and mules in-game to make them more realistic, adding new stats, breeds, names, coats, textures and compendium descriptions.

Do you like horse mods but don’t want to pick and choose each file?
Do you want an immersive experience with new horses literally everywhere?
Do you want to see more coats, patterns and variety curated by a horse enthusiast?
Well Then, Welcome, This Is Your Mod!

In this mod I bring together my best horses and mules to make an easy and definitive overhaul. Easy to install and fun to play. Every single horse has been reworked, including Murfree mangy horses. I will not showcase the horses as this is designed to be a completely new experience to (ideally) try in a new playthrough, as if it was the first time ever playing and looking for the horses. You can always use a trainer to spawn the horses, but I don’t recommend it; that takes all the fun away. Just explore and find them. I assure you, you’ll find some great surprises!

I tried to make sure everything is perfect, but if anything is wrong, let me know.

Reworked NPC horses.
Those breeds usually used by NPCs are now changed.
They’re carefully made to be diverse and beautiful without sticking out, so you don’t get tired of seeing the same
weird coloured horses walking around all around towns.

Reworked GANG horses.
Those breeds used by our Van Der Linde Gang are now changed.
They’re reworked to be beautiful and unique without being strange in a Wild West setting.

Reworked STABLED horses.
Those breeds the player can buy are hand-made, realistic, and unique.
They’re not weird or extremely unusual, you won’t see any brindles or exotic breeds, just badass cowboy horses.

Reworked MULES.
I added some custom mules for extra spice, both draft and common.

Reworked WILD horses.
Those breeds the player can find in the wild are now realistic horses that would live in the wilderness. What is that nonsense of wild Arabians?

Some NPC breeds keep spawning in the wild, but the special horses are changed, as well as many others.

Reworked MURFREE horses.
Those poor mistreated horses ridden by the Murfrees now have a custom appearance, better stats, and can be brought back to health.
This is not scripted yet; it has to be done manually, but here’s the guide. It’s extremely easy for roleplay purposes:

1- Find one of the Murfree’s horses, take it to a stable and save your game.

2- Quit the game, download Optional Restored Murfree Pack and look for the file needed for your horse:
a) a_c_horse_murfreebrood_mange_01.ymt = Bay, b) a_c_horse_murfreebrood_mange_02 = Buckskin c) a_c_horse_murfreebrood_mange_03 = Chestnut

3- Take the file out of the .rar, and drop it in *Your Disk* -> Program Files -> Rockstar -> Red Dead Redemption 2 -> lml -> stream. Replace the one there.

4- Boot the game, and your horse is restored and grateful for saving it from cruelty!

Stick around, join the Discord server, endorse and track the mod if you want to see that.

Before anything, if you already have modded horses, you need to delete those files from the “stream” folder or copy them somewhere else, or you won’t get the intended experience.

1 – Download and install required mods. Choose between ASI Loader or Online Content Unlocker.

2 – Once you have properly installed Lenny’s Mod Loader in your main RDR2 directory, where your .exe is (should be something like Program Files/Rockstar Games/Red Dead Redemption 2 in whatever disk you installed the game), create a folder inside “lml” folder and name it “stream”.

3 – Download and extract ALL files from the Main mod inside your main RDR2 directory, where your .exe is (should be something like Program Files/Rockstar Games/Red Dead Redemption 2 in whatever disk you installed the game). Replace files when asked.

My horses’ stats aren’t changing.
You need to drop everything inside ModManager folder of the Lenny’s Mod Loader mod inside your RDR2 directory.

How Do I Install It?
For real, there’s an exclusive and detailed guide just above.

My modded horse is invisible.
This can happen with online-based coats. Lacking the latest version.dll from ASI Loader is the cause, and this can happen if you install other mods that overwrite version.dll or forget about dropping it in your directory.

My game crashes.
It can be for many reasons, but make sure you installed everything properly and haven’t put any folders where you shouldn’t. Also, make sure you don’t have both dinput8.dll and version.dll; it conflicts and can cause problems.

Please, DO NOT edit my files to reupload without permission, and DO NOT upload them to other sites. You absolutely CAN tamper with them for personal use, have fun with them.

Author: Sunarlyn

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