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Agco MT Serisi

Agco MT Serisi for Farming Simulator 19

~~Eklemeler~~ Marka Seçeneği (Fent, Challenger) 4 Adet Motor Seçeneği 13 Adet Tekerlek Marka Seçeneği Sayısız Tekerler Seçemekleri TÜRKİYE ve AZERBAYCAN Bayrak Seçeneği Cam Yazıları Seçeneği Çalışma Lambaları Seçeneği 3 Farklı Kabin Plaka Seçeneği 180 Anarenk TasarımRengi ve Jant Rengi Seçeneği Fiyat: 444.444 Motor Seçenekleri MT955E – 536hp – 2.264 Tork – 43KM MT965E – 591hp…


Ideal Electric (Alpine DLC Wird Benotigt) V1.9.0.1

Ideal Electric (Alpine DLC Wird Benotigt) V1.9.0.1 for Farming Simulator 19

This is the Agco Ideal from the Ideal extension converted into an electric thresher. For the mod to work at all, you have to be in possession of the Alpine DLC. Without the Alpine DLC, this mod won’t work for you. Contents Of The Package: ✔ Ideal 7PL, Ideal 8PL, Ideal 9PL and 10PL ✔…


ACS Weight Pack

ACS Weight Pack for Farming Simulator 19

ACS Weight Pack Pack Includes: Case IH 1000 Kg Front Weight ✔ Base Price 2100 $ ✔ 1000 Kg AGCO 850 Kg Front Weight ✔ Base Price 1000 $ ✔ 850 Kg AGCO 1500-2545 Front Weight Pack ✔ Base Price 2500 $ ✔ Weight Configurations 1665 KG-2545 KG


MF9895 Combine

MF9895 Combine for Farming Simulator 19

Rework of the Massey Ferguson 9895 Combine and 9250 Header from the AGCO Rotary Combine Pack by Farmsimsteve. Changes: Reworked joint angle on combine and header for better fit. Lowered header working height. Fixed wipers. Added working pipe light. Increased grain capacity to 12334 spec. Reduced discharge rate to spec 158lps.


Agco DT275B Edit

Agco DT275B Edit for Farming Simulator 19

Agco DT275b Edit for Farming simulator 19 I removed the flags and added a square beacon to the roof. Power is good. Efficiently delivered power is even better. It’s not enough to pack a serious punch; you also need to deliver it.


Agco Allis S.190

Agco Allis S.190 for Farming Simulator 19

Price: 44,000 € Maintenance: € 100 Accessories: next door weight additional wheels type of tires Power: 180 Maximum Speed: 40 Price: 43500 Brand: AGRINAR Category: tractorsM