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Zetor 6CYL. 4X4 Pack

Zetor 6CYL. 4X4 Pack for Farming Simulator 19

Power: 117 – 160 hp Configurations: Model (12045/12145/16045/16145) Gearbox speed (34 km / h or 42 km / h) Front loader console Tire size and width, and rim type weights or front linkage cabin equipment rear fenders type of cockpit type of steering wheel wheel weights type of roof door type type of cabin window…

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Zetor 6CYL. 4X2 Pack

Zetor 6CYL. 4X2 Pack for Farming Simulator 19

Models: 12011, 12111, and 12111 Master Power: 120 hp Maximum speeds: 25 and 35 KM H Has A Choice: Front masks Front loader console Tire, type of rim with size and track width Front weights or front linkage Cabin equipment Rear fenders Cockpit Drivers Weights of the rear wheels Room Door type Type of side…

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Zetor 60XX-7045

Zetor 60XX-7045 for Farming Simulator 19

Colors chassis and body Wheels weights Change mask with lights Simple IC doors, window, cover Fixed front axle elements/rims/tires 2wd/4wd New decals/store icons and much more.

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Zetor 7245 Edit Sounds

Zetor 7245 Edit Sounds for Farming Simulator 19

Zetor 7245 edit new sounds and that’s all for now and otherwise it’s the same file that was in the last edit just replace it otherwise the original author of the mod is banana joe modding I just edited it. enjoy and especially if he rides you 🙂

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Agrostroj JIčíN Nucs Beta

Agrostroj JIčíN Nucs Beta for Farming Simulator 19

Self-propelled tool carriers (hoe) from Agrostroje Jičín ✔ 100 hp (Zetor Crystal engine) ✔ in the mode there is also a hoe for the machine ✔ function for Simple IC mode ✔ ATTENTION, deficiencies will be corrected over time, the machine is in beta

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Zetor 7045

Zetor 7045 for Farming Simulator 19

This is a Zetor 7045 V1 by MustangLS for Farming simulator 19 Power: 70 Maximum Speed: 30 Price: 6500 Brand: Zetor Category: tractorsS  

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