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Ursus C360 Special Edition

Ursus C360 Special Edition for Farming Simulator 19

Price: 18000 € Power: 52 hp Category: small tractors New tractor model. New wheel model. New Specular. New normal map. Improved cab models + 3 new cabins. Separately attached turret T261. New Tur and accessories from Ursus. New wheel and weight configurations added. configurable front weight IC panel added (SIMPLE IC mod needed for this)….


Ursus C-385/385A/902/904

Ursus C-385/385A/902/904 for Farming Simulator 19

What Does Mod Have: Configurations: ✔ Mask old / Mask new ✔ Without fenders / With fenders ✔ Without weights / With weights ✔ Without mirrors / Old / New ✔ Without stickers / C-385 / C-385A / 902/904 ✔ Without consoles / Tur 12 / Stoll ✔ No mud flaps / Short / Long…


Ursus C-385 User12

Ursus C-385 User12 for Farming Simulator 19

Ursus converted into the model of Ursus User12 ✔ red door and rear window configuration, ✔ configuration configuration of the color of the silencer together with the weight, ✔ config 902 with C-385 stickers Enjoy it while you can, because it’s soon FS22.


Ursus C330/C330M

Ursus C330/C330M for Farming Simulator 19

The URSUS C330 / C330M is a small tractor from the legendary brand from Eastern European countries with tons of configurations such as the possibility of installing a cabin. Characteristics: ✔ Price: 18,000 € ✔ Power: 30 hp


Ursus-C330/C330M Edit By Blaszak

Ursus-C330/C330M Edit By Blaszak for Farming Simulator 19

Hi, it seems the Host Ursus, after my edition, this edition is ✔ Smoke Script ✔ Mud Flap Configurations ✔ More colors of cabins and sheet metal ✔ New tire models ✔ Configuration of weights ✔ And I don’t even remember any configurations


Ursus C330 By Michello/Daylight

Ursus C330 By Michello/Daylight for Farming Simulator 19

This is an update of the c330 coffee, I have changed the grates to other ones, so I think that I will like it. The C330 is called specializations because if it had the name c330 did not work on the multi.


Ursus 6CYL 4×4

Ursus 6CYL 4×4 for Farming Simulator 19

Ursus 6cyl 4×4 for Farming simulator 19 Store Data Name: 1204-1614 Power: 117 Maximum Speed: 35 Price: 42000 Brand: Ursus Category: tractorsS Changelog ✔ Fixed mirrors ✔ Roof and doors animation ✔ New store and icon ✔ New configurations