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Dlss Update V2.2.18.0

Dlss Update V2.2.18.0 for Red Dead Redemption 2

Newest DLSS .dll from UE5 plugin. Simply extract and drag into game directory, overwriting the existing .dll file. Also as a side note for anyone using DLSS, if you have experienced a bug where Arthur or NPC’s have all black hair under lantern lighting, you have to load into the save first with DLSS disabled,…


Advanced Game Settings

Advanced Game Settings for Red Dead Redemption 2

This mod adds various locked in-game graphics effects not available in the vanilla version. First of all, I would like to thank the user Swartz420 for his Enhanced Visual Settings mod and for reporting various graphic presets used by Rockstar Games and not present in the vanilla version of the game, I state that various…


NO More Rest For Uncle

NO More Rest For Uncle for Red Dead Redemption 2

Uncle’s lumbago is dumb and fake, this mod sets out to put an end to his lousy excuses. Instead of his comfy attic room at beecher’s hope, I have littered the floor with bear traps and bloody heads, so if smell of decapitated human heads doesn’t stop him, the bear trap in his bed hopefully…


Dlss Update

Dlss Update for Red Dead Redemption 2

Some minor performance and visual improvements while using new version DLSS in RDR2 Version: ✔ 2.2.16 Install: Extract the included .dll file to your folder RDR2 and replace (Steam) For Rockstar Launcher Version Turne off automatic updates and set the file to mode read


Remember MY Family

Remember MY Family for Red Dead Redemption 2

Jack- excuse me, you Edger Ross? Ross- do I know you? Jack- oh, forgive me for startling you sir. I have a message for you. my name is Jack Marston – you knew my father. Ross- ah, I see… I remember your father. Jack- I’ve Come For You Ross! Ross- and you boy, have sure…


GTX 950 Settings

GTX 950 Settings for Red Dead Redemption 2

My name is Arthur Morgan and I’m going to explain what this mod does: this mod is for Red Dead users who have a gtx 950, now the textures will be seen in ultra taa is on ultra . You can edit it your way. works at 40/50/60 fps.


Different Loadouts

Different Loadouts for Red Dead Redemption 2

Different Loadouts is a mod that aims to change all npc’s weapon loadouts and aims to give the gameplay more variety. Expect more updates in the upcoming weeks. I always felt like the enemies had basic weapons way too often. It started to become too boring and repetitive for me so i thought i’d spice…


ALL Horses ARE Perfect

ALL Horses ARE Perfect for Red Dead Redemption 2

Unlike other mods, this will not have any choices but this changes all horses with one file. This will make all horses in the game perfect, so they start off with level 4 bonding, maximum speed and acceleration, max cores, and elite handling. Install Put in root You need LML mod loader Info Yes I…


Soft Unlock Ultra Settings

Soft Unlock Ultra Settings for Red Dead Redemption 2

Unlocks a few Graphical Settings that are usually Maxed at High. Nothing groundbreaking it just unlocks Ultra settings Affected Parameters Grass Shadows Water Refraction Water Reflection Fur Quality One more item that I forgot) TAA Sharpening to 10 from the Vanilla 4* Most Importantly for me Geometry Level of Detail ✔ If DLSS is Active…