Download R.E.M (Redefined Euphoria Motions) RDR2 Mod

R.E.M (Redefined Euphoria Motions) for Red Dead Redemption 2
R.E.M (Redefined Euphoria Motions) for RDR2

Introducing “R.E.M” (Redefined Euphoria Motions). R.E.M aims to blend/replicate the ragdolls shown in RDR1 & GTA4. Although many mods like this already exist, I urge you to test my mod out! This mod was basically made to fit my liking/preferences, so I apologize if it isn’t “exactly like RDR1 & GTA4’s physics”. Remember this mod has just passed BETA testing so don’t expect a full overhaul as of now! Enjoy the massacres people! (Keep in mind this is my first mod that was very tedious to make so be nice!)

I would really recommend pairing R.E.M with BloodLust, Head Bleed & Just Fucking Bleed Already for the ultimate gore experience!

If you would like to re-enable grabbing on headshots simply open the “physicstasks.ymt” file and search up (CTRL+F) “DisableReachForWoundOnHeadShot” and change the first selected line from <DisableReachForWoundOnHeadShot value=”true”/> to <DisableReachForWoundOnHeadShot value=”false”/> then simply save the file. You can also change the reaction time to your liking also in “physicstasks.ymt” search up “MinimumShotReactionTimeAIMS” and enter your desired value, the default value is 1550.


R.E.M. (Redefined Euphoria Motions) Ragdoll Showcase - Red Dead Redemption 2

Author: prhxyz

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