NO Automatic Reload Ever (Beta) Effect for RDR2

NO Automatic Reload Ever (Beta) for Red Dead Redemption 2
NO Automatic Reload Ever (Beta) for RDR2

This mod attempts to prevent weapons from being automatically reloaded while they’re holstered/stored, when activating deadeye or when they’re empty.

Version – Turns out the ‘no reload when empty’ part has serious issues while on horse back so I disabled it while mounted until I can fix it.

BETA disclaimer: this mod is relatively complex and so far it was only tested by myself, it is very possible that you’ll run into some issues I missed if you decide to give it a try..

This Mod Has Three Main Parts:

1. No automatic reload when using deadeye.

2. No automatic reload while weapons are holstered or stored on your horse.
The mod remembers the last five weapons you equipped of each type (last 5 revolvers, last 5 pistols, etc…) and keeps track of their ammo count.
Known issue: dual wielding two of the exact same weapons will make one of them reload, the mod can only track one of each weapon. I don’t think this can be fixed with the tools available to us right now..

3. No automatic reload when a gun is empty.

This is the messy part, you can disable this in the .ini if you’d like to use the rest of the features without this one…
The game’s ammo counter will display incorrect numbers, that’s part of the trick I use to prevent auto reload and not likely to be fixed. To circumvent this I made my own ammo counter, unfortunately it can only display ammo that’s currently in your guns, and not the overall amount in your inventory.. (check out the video to see how it looks). You can disable my ammo counter in the .ini, but if you decide to use it you have to disable the vanilla ammo counter in the game’s settings.

Other Known Issues:
-The ammo counter will possibly be positioned incorrectly depending on the resolution / aspect ratio of your monitor. You can correct it for yourself in the .ini file.
For now single shot rifles will auto reload, I’m yet to look into those.
-Does not work with the Mauser pistol for some reason…
-When you completely run out of a certain type of ammo the last bullet might get stuck in your gun. Holstering and re-equipping the gun should solve this.
I haven’t tested it with exotic or gang weapons (let alone mod weapons..).

Download NoAutomaticReloadEver.rar, extract it and drop the files into you Red Dead Redemption 2 game folder.

Author: crossed99

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