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Weidemann 1770CX50 V2.1

Weidemann 1770CX50 V2.1 for Farming Simulator 19

This is a Weidemann 1770cx50 that Pics_by_Jannik, PrivatPrivat, Zocker_Stuebchen, Marcbecker6713 and Bueno from Ls17 have conventioned. 17 modders: @Plugz New tires Newly built roof Speedometer adjusted With this small wheel loader, you can do small front loader work.

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Weidemann 916 V0.9

Weidemann 916 V0.9 for Farming Simulator 19

Moin boys, I thought to myself, I’ll take the Weidemann to the dl he’s not perfect, but it’s enough to gamble, I thank Jannik who built me a few things is a small farm loader IMPORTANT: the trailer is not included here is the Blomenroehr 544/4500 – Modding Welt the tires and headlights are prefabs…

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