Cows Farm

Cows Farm for Farming Simulator 19

Welcome To Cows Farm! We are talking about an unrealistic map where I tried to make as much dairy farming and every other animal as possible. Which Can Be Found: 20 plots of land (there are small and large lands!) Basic animals and I added calves and ducks! Basic plants and plus plants that (lucerne,…


TAM 80

TAM 80 for Farming Simulator 19

✔ Power: 81 h/p; ✔ Speed: 89 km/h; ✔ Body volume: 3000 l; ✔ Color selection; ✔ Belts; ✔ Animation dashboard, cardan shaft, pedals; ✔ Tow hitch; ✔ Light; ✔ Washable.


Case IH 4400 Series Pack

Case IH 4400 Series Pack for Farming Simulator 19

CaseIH 4408, 4416 and 4416 corn headers with 22 and 30 inch spacing. CaseIH 4408: Price: 34000 $ Working width: 6 m CaseIH 4416: Price: 124000 $ Working width: 12,1 m CaseIH 4418: Price: 142000 $ Working width: 10,5 m


[8K] Finnair Retro A320Neo Livery

[8K] Finnair Retro A320Neo Livery for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Finnair Retro livery inspired by OH-LVEE. Drag & Drop into the Community Folder Finnair is the flag carrier and largest airline of Finland, with its headquarters in Vantaa on the grounds of Helsinki Airport, its hub. If you’re interested in supporting my work, you can donate below


Mercedes Benz Citaro Mceu

Mercedes Benz Citaro Mceu for Farming Simulator 19

A Mass Casualty Evacuation Ambulance. Orinially made by SoSi Modding and rebadged into a Wild West County FD unit. You will need the SIMPLE IC mod for you to enjoy the functions of this bus. Look for the x marks around the dashboard area and in the areas of the stretchers. Numpad 7 8 9…


RED Deer Regional Cyqf

RED Deer Regional Cyqf for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Welcome to the Red Deer Regional Airport Red Deer is located about 82 nm south of Edmonton and 65 nm north of Calgary. It has two paved runways, the longest of which is 7500 feet. There are published RNAV approaches on all runways. 100LL, JetA, de-icing and hangaring services are available. NOTAMS: animals may be…


GDR Building Package

GDR Building Package for Farming Simulator 19

This building package offers you the possibility to design and expand your farm according to your individual needs. The buildings can be placed individually and are season-ready. Workshop –Price: 38460 € –Daily maintenance: 25 € Petrol Station –Price: 12600 € –Daily maintenance: 20 € Mountain Hall with a roll door –Price: 23800 € –Daily maintenance:…