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Fliegl ASW268 V2.0

Fliegl ASW268 V2.0 for Farming Simulator 19

Fliegl ASW268 version 2 ✔ Modification management * With the mouse – Grilles, transfer snail X-Open the shaker board N-Cover ✔ Modification errors * Not observed ✔ Advantages of modification * Hoses connect Cover Washable The sides are interchangeable Driven rear axle ✔ Modification assessment * 10/10 *Map* CzechMap *Additional information* There are on-board options,…

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Fliegl Loewe

Fliegl Loewe for Farming Simulator 19

With the Lion, you can sweep and shovel, even at the same time. With no hydraulic connections, the hot-dip galvanised »Lion« sweeper is ready for use in just a few minutes. Price: $ 1862,- Width: 2m ✔ different attachers (FL, TL, pallet fork,…) ✔ optional blade ✔ optionale adjustment aid ✔ optional steel brushes

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Fliegl ASW 268 V1.2

Fliegl ASW 268 V1.2 for Farming Simulator 19

The Fliegl extrusion system is a successful revolutionary system for all field and road transport. It combines and optimizes the advantages of all known transportation systems. ASW Extrusion Head Car Quality running gear technology based on long-term development that ensures safe driving properties even in extreme driving situations! Extrusion instead of tipping – Advantages against…

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Fliegl ASW 256

Fliegl ASW 256 for Farming Simulator 19

Fliegl ASW 256 The Fliegl push-off system combines and optimises the advantages of all known transport systems. The Gigant push-off trailer is ready to work for you all year round. For example, whether it’s grass or maize silage, potatoes, large bales, heavy materials or snow – its flexibility and pushing power are boundless. You will…

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Fliegl ASW 261

Fliegl ASW 261 for Farming Simulator 19

Manufacturer: Fliegl Model: ASW 261 Price: 35000 $ Capacity: 18000 l, 19000 l, 22500 l Configuration: bulk, manure spreader Cover: Speed Cover, TopLift, Curtain Upgrade: wheel brand, wheel, body color, mudguards, mudflaps, working light

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Fliegl Vantrailer Wood

Fliegl Vantrailer Wood for Farming Simulator 19

Fliegl VanTrailer Wood, for the VanTruck Price 12,000 ✔ Configuration main color ✔ Configuration rim color ✔ Configuration design color ✔ Configuration fender color ✔ Configuration body color ✔ Configuration tires with alloy rims

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IMT Prikolica ZA Drva

IMT Prikolica ZA Drva for Farming Simulator 19

Price: 19000 € Capacity: 32000 l Maintenance: 10 € / day This special version of Fliegl Trailer can load and unload timber in automatic way – original model from Giants, script by Marhu modified and adapted for FS17 by fcelsa & Team FSI Modding.

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MAN Fliegl-Aufbau V2.0

MAN Fliegl-Aufbau V2.0 for Farming Simulator 19

Features: Rotating lights (configuration) Headlight grille (confi.) 3 types of wheels Lizard, Trelleborg and Nokian Working light in the loading area (Confi.) Bullbar (Confi.) Roof bar with working light (Confi.) 640 hp or 880 hp (Confi.) Daytime running lights Passenger script Number plate script Automatic lift axle (from 60%) To Make Everything Work 100% You…

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